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9 Tips For Working Mom Survival

9 Tips For Working Mom Survival

How To Win At Being A Working Mom

If you are anything like me, then you are responsible for getting yourself and your children out the front door every morning. Go pour yourself a glass of wine, because you deserve a reward for surviving this daily feat! My husband does the picking up, which as we all know, is the easier part of the gig.

In the morning, as working moms, not only do we need to get ourselves ready, but we also have to do the same for a couple other humans as well. These tiny people are often very opinionated about being woken up for school (at least I know my son is). It is non-stop deal making in the morning in order to get my 3-year-old out of bed, fed (pretzels count as fed, right?!,) dressed, and in the car.

Over the past few years, I have learned several tips for streamlining this process. The following are my 9 tips for working mom survival. Hopefully, you can incorporate these into your routine in order to help make your mornings easier for you.

1) Identify your least favorite morning task

Once this has been identified, do what you can to streamline efficiency towards that task. For me, the most dreaded task of my morning is waking up my son. He is never happy to be woken up, and always wants to stay in bed and not go to school (isn’t he too young for this?!) He loves school once he is there, but the actual act of getting there - he’s not a fan!

Acknowledging this will help you to become more efficient with your morning tasks so that you do not dilly dally towards this dreaded task that you may be avoiding (and thus causing you and your kids to be late).

2) Do NOT save tasks for the morning

This is a foolish thing to do (I do this all the time, and pay the price). Do you think you will have time to pack lunches, make bottles, and do the dishes in the morning? False, you do not have time. You must do these necessary tasks in the evening, no matter how tired you may be. Your morning self will thank you.

3) Set one alarm, and commit to waking up when you hear this alarm

The snooze days are temporarily gone - get up as soon as you hear your alarm, and you will be more likely to stay on track during your morning routine.

4) Wash your hair every other day or every third day

The less time you need to spend on your routine, the better your chances are for getting out the door on-time!

5) Pick out your outfit the night before

I do not do this enough. There is something extremely rewarding about having an outfit pre-selected. It takes a huge mental stressor away from your morning, allowing for you to take the more challenging tasks head-on.

6) Put your kids to bed 1/2 hour earlier than on the weekends

We have later bedtimes in our house in general. On the weekends, we try to stick to 8:30 bedtimes, but bringing this back to 8:00 on school nights makes it a lot easier for the kids to get up in the morning. Earlier bedtimes = less likelihood of morning arguments about waking up!

7) Lay out your kids outfits in advance

You’d be surprised at how much this simple task simplifies mornings. This falls into the night-time task category - do not neglect!

8) Have your car gassed up

I can’t even tell you how many times I have needed gas, but told myself “I’ll get it in the morning”. This is the worst decision ever. Gas should be gotten on your way home from work. It’s a task you cannot avoid, so do not put it off!

9) Do what it takes to get cooperation

Does this mean 20 minutes of iPad in the morning, or giving in to my son wearing comfy pants” and a t-shirt during the winter? Yes and yes. I do what it takes to make him happy during that narrow 20 minute window in the morning. Anything to keep the peace!

Making it through drop-offs and the morning routine deserves an extra large coffee and a binge-worthy podcast for the remainder of my drive. Good luck to you, momma. You are not alone in the daily morning mom-ing  routine!

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