My Favorite Registry Items That Will Surely Be Used For Baby #2!

The following post contains affiliate links to my favorite baby products of all time. Thank you for reading! 

There are SO.MANY. products out there for mom and baby that it is often difficult to sift through all of the options when creating your registry. Some of my favorite products that I have purchased and used are based on personal recommendations from friends and family. After being a professional first time mom for 22 months now, I have a few items that I can truely call my FAVES. These are my favorite registry items that will most definitely be used for baby #2! 

My Favorites:

1. Doona Infant Car Seat/Stroller: 

The Doona. My Favorite Registry Items That WILL Be Used For Baby #2!

I cannot stress how awesome this car seat/stroller combo is to have. The wheels fold up into the car seat and pop out with a click of a button when you are ready to roll. This stroller/car seat combo was perfect for running errands around town. The wheels are permanently attached, and they allowed for a seamless transition from car seat base to on-the-go with mom and dad when out and about. There was rarely an interruption in his frequent newborn periods of sleep with this beauty.

In airports, grocery stores, malls, and other public areas, I would often receive questions from moms and dads wondering what this contraption was. I would then give them a quick wheel folding demo, and they too agreed that this car seat is one of the more innovative ones out there. The Doona will surely be instrumental with our second baby as well.


2. QuickZip Crib Sheets: 

These crib sheets are revolutionary. This two-part sheet system will not pop off of your crib mattress while your little one sleeps. And changing these sheets is beyond easy. MUCH easier than traditional crib sheets. We have all been there - lifting up all four corners of a mattress in order to get the sheets on and off. It's hard! 

With QuickZip, you zip on and off in a flash. The materials are adorable, and they even offer a soft minky version for winters. We cannot get enough of our QuickZip Crib sheets! 

3. TipMeNot Baby Bottle Learning Tool

TipMeNot. My Favorite Registry Items That WILL Be Used For Baby #2!

The TipMeNot is small but mighty. Next time, I will surely have more than one on hand! My son used this from the get go, and was a super tool for both him and I. The leaf design allowed for a perfect baby grip of his Dr. Brown's Wide Neck Bottles (this product fits mosts bottles). When the bottles hit the floor, the leaf often prevented the bottle nipple from touching the floor. Major bonus! 

4. BellyBuds Headphones: 

These headphones are for when you baby is still in utero, but I LOVED the thought of playing music for my son before he was born. He would often become quite active once I would turn the music on. I would play anything from classical music to Milky Chance, to Rock and Roll. These headphones are fun and I have heard many great things about the benfits of music this early on. 

5. Phil & Teds Poppy Highchair 

Phil & Teds Poppy Highchair. My Favorite Registry Items That WILL Be Used For Baby #2!

We wanted a highchair that was colorful, modern, and one that did cost a fortune. The Poppy was perfect for us! It is super easy to clean up, and comes in a variety of colors to add that pop of color that you may be looking for in your Kitchen. 

6. Comfort Design Play Mats

Comfort Design Play Mats. My Favorite Registry Items That WILL Be Used For Baby #2!

Stylish play mats - yes please! The above mat that we have is 6.5 feet by 4.5 feet and has a soft blush pink design. It is about 1/2 inch thick and is made of comfortable, soft, durable non-toxic foam. Spills are a breeze to wipe up. The best thing is is that this mat is functional and goes fantastically with our decor. His toys are already bright and colorful, the pay mat doesn't need to be as well! 

My Favorite Registry Items That Will Surely Be Used For Baby #2!



Olly Prenatal Multi-Vitamin Gummies For Pregnancy

The Best Tasting Prenatal Vitamins For Pregnancy

The following post about Olly Prenatal Vitamins contains affiliate links. This means that I receive a small portion of each sale, at no cost to you. Thank you for reading!

When it comes to prenatal vitamins, we have many choices as pregnant women. Our doctors stress from the beginning to find one that you like and stick with it daily throughout your pregnancy (starting ideally BEFORE getting pregnant!). I recently tried Olly Gummy Prenatal Multi-Vitamins, and let me tell you, they are amazing! 

Olly Prenatal Multi-Vitamin Gummies For Pregnancy

In my first trimester, I was queasy each and every day. I never had full blown morning sickness, but just that underlying nausea that never seemed to go away. Have you ever opened a container of traditional prenatal vitamins and smelled them? If you have, you know that the smell is not great. But with the gummies, it is different! 

Olly Prenatal Vitamin Gummies are flavored with grapefruit, Meyer lemon, and clementine citrus flavors. They taste and smell delicious! They were the only thing my stomach could handle at times in my first trimester. I also coupled my vitamin with a prenatal DHA and also Olly Purely Probiotic Gummy Supplements

Olly Prenatal Multi-Vitamin Gummies For Pregnancy

You too can scoop up Olly Prenatal Gummies on These vitamins are a blend of vitamin A, C, D, E, B's, Folic Acid, and Omega 3's. They deliver a citrus flavor explosion that I looked forward to, even on those days when the nausea was taking over. Add Olly to your prenatal routine! 

Olly Prenatal Multi-Vitamin Gummies For Pregnancy

Comfort Design Play Mats - Stylish Play Mats for your home!

When it comes to play mats, before I had my son I envisioned my house with those primary colored alphabet explosion mats that we all have seen and know. While functional, they certainly take away a bit from your home aesthetic. Many people that I know put these mats in their basement. But this has all changed. With Comfort Design Play Mats, you can now have a stylish play mat for your home, in an area you are often in! 

No more hiding in the basement. These mats are gorgeous, and it looks beautiful in our upstairs play space that we have set up for our son. We have the Garden Blossom Play Mat

Comfort Design Play Mats - Stylish Play Mats for your home!

This 6.5 foot by 4.5 foot play mat has a soft blush pink design. It is about 1/2 inch thick and is made of comfortable, soft, durable non-toxic foam. Spills are a breeze to wipe up. The best thing is is that this mat is functional and goes fantastically with our decor! His toys are already bright and colorful, the pay mat doesn't need to be as well! 

Comfort Design Play Mats has many designs to choose from. You will surely be able to find a design and style that will work with your decor. The days of the bold, primary-colored, alphabet mats are over, and I couldn't be more excited! These mats are an excellent replacement for area rugs in common play areas. They are much easier to clean and have a softer padding for extended floor time. 

These mats are also a great area for molding clays and other doughs. And because they do not have interlocking pieces, spills do not seep through to your floor below. All around, Comfort Design Play Mats have been a wonderful addition to our home. You would love them as well!

Comfort Design Play Mats - Stylish Play Mats for your home!



Lovepop Cards for This Father's Day!

How Lovepop Can Help You To Make a Statement This Father's Day (use FIRSTTHYME at checkout for 10% off!)

You guys may have seen my Mother's Day post last month, where I highlighted several of my favorite things for Mom. Well, it's Dad's turn now! From my experience, my husband really enjoys the simple things in life. We are not big gift-givers, but we always give each other cards for anniversaries, birthdays, and now, Mother's Day and Father's Day. My new FAVORITE cards are by far, the gorgeous, creative, fun, and unique designs from Lovepop Cards

Everyone that I have given a Lovepop Card to has truly been amazed by the intricate 3-D pop-up designs. These are definitely cards that people hold on to! How fun are these Father's Day designs?! Every card has a 2-D cut out design on the front, and then, when you open them up, POP! 

When I opened them all up, our son immediately picked the Fishing Bear Lovepop card for his dad. He knows his dad just went on a fishing trip for a week in May, and he has been saying "Dada Fishing" for the last few weeks whenever my husband is not home. So he knew right away that this card was the one for his daddy! 

Lovepop Cards for this Father's Day!

You can see all of the Lovepop Father's Day designs on their website here (be sure to use the discount code FIRSTTHYME at checkout on the Lovepop website to receive 10% off!) And if you're an Amazon Prime users, you can pick up Fishing Bear, Golf, Golf Cart, and many many more 3-D Lovepop designs on Amazon. Lovepop takes your card-giving game to the next level. Lovepop can even send a handwritten Lovepop card for an additional $5. How amazing are they?! 

Happy Father's Day to all the amazing Dads out there this year! 

Lovepop Father's Day Cards for Dad. 3-D pop up cards for every occasion!

5 Signs You're Addicted to Watermelon

Gift Ideas For Your Watermelon Obsessed Friends

Have you been eating watermelon your whole life, and are pretty darn obsessed with this summer fruit? I know I have been, and everyone around me knows it! Here are 5 signs that you're addicted to watermelon. 

1) You're genuinely excited when you open a watermelon and see juicy red fruit. 

5 Signs You're Addicted to Watermelon. Gift ideas for watermelon lovers.

We've all been there. Cursing the world when you cut open a melon, one that you spent several minutes selecting at your local grocery store, only to find light pink fruit or a ton of white rind. But this, this is a perfect watermelon. Did you know that most grocery stores will cut into a melon for you before you take it home? I did. But I still take my chances. I am not often disappointed, but when I am, it's a huge grocery bummer. 

My Most Disappointing Watermelon. Ever. 

5 Signs You're Addicted to Watermelon - A very disappointing watermelon.

2) You're well aware that different parts of the watermelon are better than others. 

5 Signs You're Addicted to Watermelon. Watermelon gift ideas.

If given the choice of the watermelon on the left or right, you are 100% going to choose the left. These are watermelon hearts. They are the center of the melon. The best, juiciest, most flavorful part. The watermelon on the right has some of that unfortunate rind attached. Which is almost always the case when you come across a bowl of sliced watermelon. But you, watermelon lover, know exactly which pieces are the best to select! 

There are actually many health benefits to watermelon rinds, such as benefits to your skin and immunity due to the vitamin content. However, it's typically not as tasty, so stick with the hearts! 

3) It's your number one craving (pregnant or not!)

5 signs you're addicted to watermelon. Watermelon gift ideas.

When I am pregnant, and I am in the pit of food aversion, watermelon will always do the trick. I survived off of it during my first pregnancy. That and cinnamon toast crunch. But watermelon was KEY. It provided hydration, nutrition, and was the only thing that didn't make me want to puke!

4) Your watermelon gene is so strong, you pass it down to your offspring.


This can be dangerous, because now all of a sudden, there might be a new threat in your home for "the good watermelon" pieces. My son's eyes light up as soon as he sees a watermelon being brought home from the grocery store. He will push his learning tower over to the melon, climb up to counter level, and tap it - indicating for a parent to cut it open. It's hard for me to share, but I am getting much better. 

5) You're open to trying watermelon in a variety of different ways. 

While watermelon is phenomenal on its own, you know that it is awesome when incorporated into smoothies, salads, and appetizers (watermelon, feta, basil, balsamic bites, anyone?!). And don't forget about Tajin! This famous chili lime sea salt blend can add flavor and dimension to any of your fave fruit and veggies, especially to watermelon! 

Now, if you have a watermelon connoisseur in your family, there are many different fun gift ideas that you can consider for this unique individual. Such as these: 

19 Epic Watermelon Gift Ideas:

1) Watermelon TOMS:


2) Reusable Watermelon Shopping Bags: 

3) Watermelon Beach Tote:

4) Watermelon Beach Blanket:

5) Watermelon Travel Neck Pillow: 

6) Watermelon Cell Phone Case: 

7) Watermelon Pregnancy Tee: 

8) Don't Eat Watermelon Seeds Pregnancy Tee: 

9) Watermelon One Piece Swimsuit: 

10) Watermelon Jumper (for the watermelon-stealing offspring): 

11) Watermelon Two Piece Top: 

12) Watermelon High Waist Skirt:

13) Watermelon Tea Cup Set: 

14) Republic of Tea Watermelon Mint Black Iced Tea: 

15) Watermelon Yankee Candle: 

16) Watermelon Salt and Pepper Shaker: 

17) 5 Pound Bag Watermelon Sour Patch Kids: 

18) Watermelon Fanny Pack: 

19) Watermelon Socks: 

5 Signs You're Addicted to Watermelon. Watermelon Gift Ideas.
19 Watermelon Gift Ideas. 5 Signs You're Addicted to Watermelon.

The Best Pinterest Podcast To Listen To When Learning Pinterest

7 Things About Simple Pin Podcast that Changed My Pinterest Life

Two months ago, I had the question "how does Pinterest work?" I was annoyed that I had this question, and that I had not yet cracked the Pinterest code. I had been blogging on and off for the past year, but I was ready to take my blog to the next level. This post is all about Simple Pin Podcast, which is in my opinion, the best Pinterest podcast to listen to when learning Pinterest. 

The best Pinterest Podcast to Listen to When Learning how to use Pinterest effectively.

I KNEW that Pinterest was a powerful tool, but I was confused as to how to best use this form of social media.

Hold up. Did I just call Pinterest social media? One thing that I learned from another experienced blogger is that Pinterest is a search engine and that I needed to start treating it like one. Good first step, but I still had a ton of HOW HOW HOW questions! I read a couple of blogs that referred to the Simple Pin Podcast, with host Kate Ahl

I have listened to approximately four podcasts in my life (before Simple Pin). I had some drive time in my day that I was looking to fill, plus, I was becoming very tired of my political talk radio that I was regularly listening to. It was becoming depressing! I downloaded the Simple Pin podcast and began to listen every day while on my way to and from work. 

I was instantly hooked. Each time I finished a podcast, I left inspired by Kate and her guest host of the day (if she had one). Kate has a certain energy in her voice that left me wanting to hear more and more from her after each podcast. 

The following are my favorite things about Simple Pin Podcast and the takeaways that I implemented to help drive traffic to my blog through Pinterest:

7 Things About Simple Pin Podcast that Changed my Pinterest Life


1) It taught me that Pinterest is a slow burn. 

You need to put time into it and have patience, and soon enough, you will begin to see the hits to your blog from Pinterest grow. I recently became a regular pinner (both a live pinner and a scheduled pinner using Tailwind) and over the past 30 days, I have seen my Pinterest traffic increase every day. Pinterest rewards regular users and content curators. Seeing the growth in the past 30 days has me excited about what is to come in the future.

2) Stay true to your brand. 

You don't need to have a Pinterest board for everything. Forget the thought that you need to have a quotes board just because they are popular. You want to be seen and known as an expert in your field. Post content relevant to what you post on your blog. 

3) How to keyword, and where to keyword. 

Whether you are the designer of your own site on Wordpress, or you use a hosting site like Squarespace, there are various ways to keyword your blog and content. Pinterest looks for these keywords when users are searching for a particular topic. I use Squarespace for my website, so with this information, I then dedicated time searching how to best keyword with Squarespace. I learned many different techniques, such as utilizing alt text in order to keyword images on my site. 

4) It taught me why Pinterest is awesome. 

Kate interviews many inspiring women and men (mostly women!!) who use Pinterest regularly to promote their businesses. I loved hearing each of their stories. The theme was always the same. These people noticed Pinterest spikes early on without even doing much on Pinterest. From there, they dug deeper. They started to invest more time and attention into Pinterest, and now Pinterest traffic often accounts for most of their traffic. 

5) Switch to a Pinterest Business account, and try Promoted Pins. 

You want to switch to business because the algorithm slightly favors business accounts. Use a clean and bright picture of yourself instead of your logo - it will resonate further with your readers and people who will potentially follow you. 

Promoted Pin campaigns are a great way to drive traffic to posts that you are looking to promote. You can set your price per click and you can also set a "max spend" limit per day. I tried a promoted pin campaign with my Stretch Mark Prevention and Minimization post, and had a huge surge in clicks to my blog! 

6) Focus on Growing your Email List. 

Kate and her guests talk about all sorts of lead magnets that you can create to encourage readers to join your mailing list. She also talks about email services that have worked for her and her clients. An email list is the one thing that you own. Once Pinterest or any platform changes their algorithm yet again, you will always have your email list!

7) How to Monetize your Traffic.

By using affiliate marketing, you can eventually generate income from your blog. One way to easily do this is by writing several gift guides that pertain to your blog content. Once you are an affiliate with Amazon or Target, you can link to these sites which then pay you a certain percentage of money for purchases driven by your blog. 

And that wraps up my seven main takeaways after listening to the entire Simple Pin series. There are SO MANY more key areas that Kate goes into on her Podcast. It is a MUST LISTEN! I have learned so much from her and her guests. Here is how my Pinterest traffic has grown in the last few months:

Audience Size Referred by Pinterest:

February: 4

March: 188

April: 967

May (as of May 22nd): 2428

If May carries on as it has been, I could potentially have an audience of over 3421 from Pinterest by the end of the month. That's a 353% increase since April and an 1819% increase since March!! Huge growth for me. As you can see, the slow burn effect is working!

I could not be happier with these results. I recommend Simple Pin to anyone who is interested in blogging. There are other podcasts out there that discuss these topics, but Kate has the best radio voice and always kept me wanting to hear more information from her and her guests. And you cannot ignore the results that I have seen. I have implemented her tips and suggestions to the best of my ability, and the payoff has been well worth it!

This is the best Pinterest podcast out there to help you learn how to be an effective Pinterest user. Kate Ahl, owner of Simple Pin, discusses how to use Pinterest on her podcast.

My Top 10 Favorite Costco Products To Buy

I have a love-hate relationship with Costco.  I love it because they carry so many wonderful brands, but I hate it because they take all my money. Okay fine, I give it to them very willingly. I'm a Costco addict! There is ALWAYS something else that catches my eye if I am running in for "just one thing". 

But let's get this straight - no one is really "saving" money by having a Costco membership. Sure, they might have the best deal in town on Fage yogurt, but no one, and I mean no one, stops at just yogurt. If you also sampled the spinach artichoke on pita crackers when you first walked in, I guarantee you now have a gallon of dip in your cart.

However, I have grown to love several products that I will purchase at Costco and no where else. The prices and quality on these items cannot be found elsewhere.

1) Fage Yogurt

1) Fage Total 0% Greek Yogurt: No joke, they have the lowest price in town. I go through a lot of Greek yogurt, especially with my new collagen peptide Vital Proteins breakfast routine. I have tried MANY Greek Yogurts, and this flavor profile is by far my favorite.

2) Kirkland Signature Creamy Almond Butter

2) Kirkland Signature Creamy Almond Butter: This is one of my daily staples. It is creamy and flavorful, and goes well with many of my favorite foods! I love having Almond Butter on whole wheat toast and then adding a tablespoon to my afternoon collagen whey protein shake.

3) Nature's Intent Chia Seeds:

3) Nature's Intent Chia Seeds: We add chia to everything! Cereals, oats, smoothies - it is so nice to have such a big bag on hand! Thank you, Nature's Intent! 

4) Rotisserie Chicken

4) Rotisserie Chicken: I have not been to any other store who can meet the price and quality of a Costco rotisserie chicken. $4.99 for a giant chicken, which easily feeds a family of 4.

5) La Croix:

5) La Croix: They only sell the lime, which is good with me! (Although, I do wish they did an assortment pack!), but it is good to pick up so that we always have some fizzy water on hand. UPDATE: I was at Costco today, and OMG, they have a variety pack! Amazing!

6) Morning Star Black Bean Chipotle Burgers

6) Morning Star Black Bean Chipotle Burgers: These are great to always have in your freezer - this big box will last you a while, and they are so easy to toss on the grill after work for a quick dinner.

7) President Tub Of Feta

7) President Tub of Feta: This goes on top of the black bean burgers. Who am I kidding? This goes on top of everything! I shock myself with how many uses for feta that I can come up with when I have my tub-o-feta on hand. I am very particular about the taste of my feta cheese - every brand has a slightly different flavor profile. President has THE BEST flavor!

8) Quaker Oats:

8) Quaker Oats: I go through oats faster than anyone I know. I add them to power cereals, overnight oats, smoothies - I'll even blend them into a fine powder and add them to my sons bath once per week. Oats are delicious. They are a whole grain, and perfect for anyone looking to stay trim and full for a longer period of time (compared to consuming refined grains). This 10 lbs box should last you at least a week! Haha. 

9) Organic PBfit:

9) Organic PBfit: Have I died and gone to peanut butter heaven? I recently discovered this product, and I am head-over-heels for it. For the most part, I add the powder to my morning whey protein smoothie, or my overnight oats. Or, I eat it straight out of the jar. It's that good, and the price point is perfect. 

10) Path of Life Organic Quinoa and Kale:

10) Path of Life Organic Quinoa and Kale: This is a frozen product that you pop in the microwave and you have a ready-to-eat bowl of whole grains, lightly seasoned with olive oil, garlic, and sea salt. Then, grab your tub-o-feta, and shake on for some extra pizzaz!

Bonus! The following three items also some of our favorites. We might not pick them up every trip, but these are products that should not be passed up!

Bonus #1) Pint Sized Kitchen Reuben Bites:

1) Pint Sized Kitchen Reuben Bites: These are amazing! These mini rye bread bites are filled with uncured corned beef, sauerkraut, and swiss cheese. They are served with a side of thousand island dipping sauce. They bake back in an oven, and are the perfect appetizer or between-meal snack!

Bonus #2) Kirkland Signature Trail Mix

2) Kirkland Signature Trail Mix: My husband loves to toss one of these into his lunch - and they are perfect for that 10 am or 4 pm snack craving that comes in. Sure, they are high in fat, but it's nuts - which has the good kind of fat!

Bonus #3) Kirkland Chocolate Covered Raisins

3) Kirkland Chocolate Covered Raisins: I hate myself when I buy these. But, they are just so good. Take a handful of 10 at a time - each one has 10 calories. Portion control!  It always surprise me at how quickly these are consumed......

There you have it! These are my must-haves from Costco. I actually debated giving up my membership last year, but I am glad I have held onto it. I mean, where would I be without my feta and chocolate raisin tubs?!

My Top 10 Favorite Costco Products to buy. These are my favorite in terms of price and quality!
Top 10 Products to Buy from Costco. My Top 10 Favorite Costco Products to buy. These are my favorite in terms of price and quality! Must-have Costco Products.
Top 10 Products to Buy from Costco. My Top 10 Favorite Costco Products to buy. These are my favorite in terms of price and quality! Must-have Costco Products.

Skincare Routine Face-Lift

Now that I am in my 30's, I need to turn it up a notch on my skincare routine. Combine my age with the fact that I clock in about 5 hours of sleep per night (between work and that never ending pile of laundry...), my skin was in need of some TLC.

I am a scientist by day. I have a degree in Biology and a Master's degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition. I care a great deal about the ingredients in my food and the ingredients in my skincare and beauty products. After a lot of research, my answer to refreshed skin is Juice Beauty. I've been using this line of products for several weeks now, and I have come to fall in love with this brand and everything they stand for.

I was drawn in initially because of their commitment to sustainability. The following are the characteristics of this line of products that jumped out at me right away:

  • High-quality primary base organic ingredients including aloe, jojoba, grape seed, shea, and citrus juices
  • Ingredient sourcing from local West Coast USDA Certified organic farms
  • Manufactured using solar power

There is a great deal of chemistry that goes into the development of a skincare product. Have you ever read the label of your current skincare products? You might see ingredients such as petroleum-based fillers, water, parabens, glycols, sulfates, phthalates, silicons, and artificial dyes and fragrances. I felt that those ingredients were making me look more tired than I already was. 

Before bed, I cleanse my face with the Stem Cellular 2-in-1 Cleanser. This cleanser is rich in fruit stem cells and Vitamin C. It is infused into resveratrol-rich grapeseed. It smells amazing due to several citrus fruit extracts.

I then use the Stem Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizer in conjunction with the Stem Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Eye Treatment. This helps to renew my skin over night since these products are packed in antioxidant-rich ingredients.

Twice per week, I use the Green Apple Peel, which is a light exfoliant that helps to brighten my skin. These products all make my skin feel so refreshed! Even when I am limited on sleep, my nightly rejuvenation routine feels skin-deep knowing that I have the power of Juice Beauty working for me.

I love feeling good about the products that I use on a daily basis. I enjoy knowing that the skincare line that I have chosen utilizes the best ingredients available in the skincare industry. We all could use a little boost from our skincare products, AmIRight?!


The Best "Baby Book" That You Should Know About

Theo is my first born, and like any parents, my husband and I have been embracing all of the "firsts" that we have been fortunate to experience as we watch him grow. I have a baby book for my son. I promise that I had the best intentions for filling out his book in its entirety (there's still time!), but I now have an even better way to preserve all of those early year memories.

Enter the Savor Keepsake Box. This is not your ordinary storage box. My mother recently gave me my plastic storage bin. I know that many of you are familiar with the plastic bin - the one filled with all of your childhood awards, photos, report cards, notes, and many other goodies. These boxes are fun to go through, and can be a real trip down memory lane. The Library: Baby Keepsake Box is not only a place to neatly organize all of your baby's keepsakes, it is a beautiful box that you can keep on display so that you or your family, friends, or child can go through it periodically and bask in the memories!

I LOVED putting my son's keepsake box together. We recently moved, so some of his belongings are in storage. That part drove me crazy. I wanted his memories neatly organized NOW! I envision a trip to our storage locker soon. These boxes would make a perfect shower gift for any expecting parent. It is easy to add stickers to the different compartments and then drop in the keepsake as memories are made. Think about how fun it will be for your child to look through these treasures when they are older.

The Library Keepsake Box, a better alternative to a baby book

The Library Keepsake Box, an alternative to a baby book

The Savor Keepsake Box comes with pre-printed labels to help give you ideas for the many things that you can collect and save over the years. There are two tiny envelops for the First Haircut and First Tooth. As you can see from my photos, one part of the box is a file organizer for all sorts of things such as photos, birth announcements, first birthday party details, holiday cards, baby shower details, birth story, artwork, medical records, newspaper article, etc. The other half of the organizer contains nine drawers for your baby's hospital keepsakes, first locks, first teeth, favorite outfit, letters, first spoon, rattles, and any other of baby's belongings that you think he or she would like to hear about and see when they are older.

Savor Keepsake Box - Drawers to store all your special memories!

Savor Memories Keepsake Box. This is a better option than a baby book.

The box also comes with letters so that you can personalize the box with your child's initials. This is perfect for if you have multiple children. And when your child is older, Savor offers a School Years Keepsake Box. Since this box is not anything like a plastic storage bin, you can display it on any shelf in your home. Having the box where I can see it is a good reminder for me to add things that are important as life's events take place.

If you are looking for a simple and elegant way to organize your baby's treasures, the Savor Keepsake Box is it. I love that this company donates a portion of their proceeds to organizations committed to helping families in need. I cannot wait to continue to fill up this box as time goes on. I love knowing that I am creating something special that my son can have to look back on later in life.

Moss & Marsh Diaper Clutch and Bath Mitt

We were at the mall the other day, and I was talking with a friend near the food court. Theo wandered over to a plant, and popped a squat to the side of it. It always takes me a second, but I knew pretty quickly what he was up to. 

Like every mom, I was hoping we could make this quick trip without needing to haul our baggage into the bathroom. Not this time, not this time. My friend was a doll, and offered to watch our belongings while we were in the restroom. I have an amazing diaper bag, but it was buried in the stroller. Once I got to it, I unzipped it, grabbed my Moss & Marsh diaper clutch, and off to the bathrooms we went! 

I use my diaper bag as a daily purse, so I like to have the diaper changing necessities within easy reach exactly for this situation. Grab and go. In and out. We were back to our stroller in no time! 


Moss & Marsh is owned and operated by Candace Brodmann. She is an extremely talented designer with a degree in Textiles from the University of Georgia. Her vision is to create functional products that make parenting easier. All Moss & Marsh products are designed, screen printed, and sewn in Savannah, GA, by Candace. The quality of her items are superb - she has a true talent and you can see it in her line of swaddlescarry-all bags, bandana bibsnursing coversburp cloths, bath apronscar seat covershooded towels, and shopping cart covers. Having a sweet daughter of her own, Candace knows what parents are looking for when it comes to products like the ones she designs for her line.

One of her newest items is a Terry Cloth Bath Mitt. Soft terry cloth on one side, and one of her screen printed designs (of your choosing) on the back. This mitt is perfect for helping to get your baby squeaky clean! Bath time is oh-so-fun with Moss & Marsh products! 

Moss and Marsh Diaper Clutch

Real Shades - Flexible Toddler Sunglasses

Anytime my son sees me wearing my glasses or sunglasses, he instantly wants to grab them, hold them, smear up the lenses, and bend them in his tiny baby hands. 

He enjoys doing this to my husband's glasses as well. When he was under one year old, we could not get him to wear his own sunglasses. Now, he loves his shades! Real Shades offers a complete line of sunglasses for babies, toddlers, kids, and adults. 

The best part about these Real Shades Surf Toddler sunglasses is that they provide 100% UV protection, and are flexible and have shatterproof lenses. The Flex-Fit frames are made of a rubber like material that can tolerate baby bending. The frames then return to their original shape. They have so many different styles and colors to choose from. All Real Shades frames are capable of accepting Rx lenses as well. How awesome is that?!

Alright, sun, come on out! We are ready for Spring and all of the sunshine that comes with it! 

Real Shades Flexible Toddler Sunglasses. Best sunglasses for babies.



Comm-Ci High Waist Skinny Leggings

I must have 20 different pairs of black leggings. Out of those 20, I only wear 2 pairs regularly. I have issues with most of the leggings that I own.

When it comes to leggings, my waist is a size small, but my legs need a size medium. So whether I purchase a small or a medium, the leggings are constantly being pulled down as I walk. Not cool! They are also often too long. 

I recently tried the Comm-Ci High Waist Skinny Leggings. These leggings stay put, alllllllll day long. I attribute this to the waistband - it's amazing (I ordered a size small). When I first received these leggings, I loved the way the fabric felt. The fabric felt heavy-duty like a shaping legging should feel. 

I cannot stress how nice it is to not be pulling up on leggings with every five strides. These high waisted leggings look great and feel great. They are also the perfect length - they hit exactly where I want them to hit when I wear ankle boots. 

I have been recommending these leggings to all of my friends. It is only once in a while when I find a product like this that I can truly say is a game changer. If you are interested in trying these leggings, be sure to use code FirstThyme20 at checkout, in order to receive 20% off your purchase. Comm-Ci knows they have a fabulous product - so they offer 100% money back guarantee within 30 days. That's nice that they have this and all.....but I'll certainly be keeping these wonder leggings! 

Comm-Ci High Waisted Skinny Leggings. Best leggings for moms.