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The Best "Baby Book" That You Should Know About

The Best "Baby Book" That You Should Know About

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Theo is my first born, and like any parents, my husband and I have been embracing all of the "firsts" that we have been fortunate to experience as we watch him grow. I have a baby book for my son. I promise that I had the best intentions for filling out his book in its entirety (there's still time!), but I now have an even better way to preserve all of those early year memories.

Enter the Savor Keepsake Box. This is not your ordinary storage box. My mother recently gave me my plastic storage bin. I know that many of you are familiar with the plastic bin - the one filled with all of your childhood awards, photos, report cards, notes, and many other goodies. These boxes are fun to go through, and can be a real trip down memory lane. The Library: Baby Keepsake Box is not only a place to neatly organize all of your baby's keepsakes, it is a beautiful box that you can keep on display so that you or your family, friends, or child can go through it periodically and bask in the memories!

I LOVED putting my son's keepsake box together. We recently moved, so some of his belongings are in storage. That part drove me crazy. I wanted his memories neatly organized NOW! I envision a trip to our storage locker soon. These boxes would make a perfect shower gift for any expecting parent. It is easy to add stickers to the different compartments and then drop in the keepsake as memories are made. Think about how fun it will be for your child to look through these treasures when they are older.

The Library Keepsake Box, a better alternative to a baby book

The Library Keepsake Box, an alternative to a baby book

The Savor Keepsake Box comes with pre-printed labels to help give you ideas for the many things that you can collect and save over the years. There are two tiny envelops for the First Haircut and First Tooth. As you can see from my photos, one part of the box is a file organizer for all sorts of things such as photos, birth announcements, first birthday party details, holiday cards, baby shower details, birth story, artwork, medical records, newspaper article, etc. The other half of the organizer contains nine drawers for your baby's hospital keepsakes, first locks, first teeth, favorite outfit, letters, first spoon, rattles, and any other of baby's belongings that you think he or she would like to hear about and see when they are older.

Savor Keepsake Box - Drawers to store all your special memories!

Savor Memories Keepsake Box. This is a better option than a baby book.

The box also comes with letters so that you can personalize the box with your child's initials. This is perfect for if you have multiple children. And when your child is older, Savor offers a School Years Keepsake Box. Since this box is not anything like a plastic storage bin, you can display it on any shelf in your home. Having the box where I can see it is a good reminder for me to add things that are important as life's events take place.

If you are looking for a simple and elegant way to organize your baby's treasures, the Savor Keepsake Box is it. I love that this company donates a portion of their proceeds to organizations committed to helping families in need. I cannot wait to continue to fill up this box as time goes on. I love knowing that I am creating something special that my son can have to look back on later in life.

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