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Our Annual Holiday Card

Our Annual Holiday Card

Soon after Thanksgiving, holiday cards begin to trickle in. This is when my panic starts to set in. I always have the vision of doing a fabulous holiday card, but 9 times out of 10, I fall short due to my own planning and organization. Last year, I wanted to do a nice family card since our son had just been born. But true to form, Christmas rolled around and I did not have a card. I ended up having 50 last-minute cards printed off from my local pharmacy and sent them out on December 29th.

This year was different. I found a wonderful print boutique online called Pretty Polite. Their selection of holiday cards was perfect - they had just the right amount of high-quality designs to choose from. The last thing that I need is a selection of over 5,000 designs - that is part of the reason why I can never make up my mind on which card to select.

One of the BEST parts about Pretty Polite is that they have FREE return and recipient address printing. Addressing cards is quite cumbersome for me, but this service took an astonishing weight off my shoulders. My envelopes have never looked better!

When I received my order, I felt like I was holding gold in my hands. My cards were gorgeous. They were 100% higher quality than my cards from last year, and I could not wait to send them out. The card stock has a wonderful feel to it, and the photo printing is perfect (Pretty Polite uses Xerox iGen presses - an industry best). I opted for a few upgrades such as envelop liners, gold foil accents, custom trim, and shimmer white quartz paper. Hey - I had to make up for last year!

I worked with one of their graphic designers on my order. Brittany was amazing - she was very responsive and worked quickly to ensure my order shipped soon after it was placed. Superior customer service goes a long way!

Pretty Polite also has a comprehensive collection of card designs for weddings, showers, birthdays, announcements, events, and even businesses. Love this company!

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