Retro Tot

Retro Tot is a children's clothing line that offers unique classic styles that are made from a combination of vintage and limited edition fabrics in the effort to keep these fabrics from ending up in landfills. As many of you know, a certain element of sustainability is something that I desire in the brands that I use.

Retro Tot makes tops and bottoms for boys and girls, along with dresses, jumpers, ties, and bowties. When I saw the Candy Cane Button Down (with a red bowtie!), I knew this had to be my sons Christmas outfit! It was adorable and perfect.

Only there was one problem - I ordered the wrong size! He has taken a massive jump on the growth charts recently, which I forgot to account for....

So, with no time for a baby diet, or to make a swap before seeing Santa, I simply put the adorable shirt under a jean shirt, and clipped his bowtie onto the jean shirt. It was the best that we could do with our super short time frame - but it worked! And he looked adorable for his second meeting with the man in the red suit.

Check out Retro Tot for a few super cute additions to your child's holiday wardrobe this season!  You will love the creative styles!