Lily Jade

If you ladies are at all like me, you spent or are spending some time researching a few of those crucial registry items. Strollers, high chairs, car seats, baby monitors, and of course, your diaper bag. If you ever want to get your sanity back, you have to leave the house after your little one is born. And in order to leave the house (with your babe), you have to pack a few things.

There are an abundance of choice out there. Most likely, this bag will begin to replace whichever fabulous bag you are currently carrying. For me, I wanted a diaper bag that was functional but that did not scream "look at me, I'm a diaper bag!". I began my search.

I came across Lily Jade almost right away. Lily Jade designs beautiful leather and canvas diaper bags in a variety of colors. I started my collection off with the Caroline in Brandy. I loved that this bag had both cross body and shoulder straps. The red organizer is detachable and washable - a must for a baby bag! I also have the Elizabeth in Black. With these two options, I can detach the inner baby bag and pop it into which ever bag I am wanting to carry for the day. I will have these bags for a very long time. As my son grows and the red baby bag insert is no longer needed, I can remove it and use both of these bags as my own tote.

A bag that grows with every stage? Yes please! Each Lily Jade diaper bag comes with a baby bag organizer and changing pad. I love how the Elizabeth can be worn on the shoulders like a back pack. Check out Lily Jade here to see all of their amazing bag designs!