Fin First

As it turns out, I really like flamingos! Once I saw Fin First's line of custom drawn mugs, pillow covers, and tees (to name a few!), my eyes kept on gravitating towards the skinny feathery birds! 

At first, I did not know the full story behind this East Coast Brand. But now, I know that this husband and wife duo is quite the team! Allison takes care of all of the photography, and her husband, Jason, creates all of the custom artwork for their products. 

These creative parents put family first, in fact, they put Fin First! When I sip out of my Isla Mug, or fluff up my Teal Isla pillow, I think of this company and why it was started. Having Fin First in my home is a sweet reminder of how important family is to me! 

Fin First Review, Pillow slip covers