Rooted Leather - Custom Leather Memorable Fabric Handbags

This below post is sponsored by Rooted Leather. Thank you for reading! 

Have you ever gone through old baby clothes and pulled out a tiny onesie and thought to yourself, "this one's my favorite!!". Then, you fold up that little onesie and store it away. You may not see it again for years. What if there was a way to keep these treasured fabrics close to you at all times? 

Enter, Rooted Leather. These gorgeous bags are lined with love. This talented designer (Emily) can incorporate memorable fabrics into the lining of your custom bag. I, personally, have never seen anything quite like these Rooted Leather bags. 

First, you choose the bag style that you would like to have. I went with the Maggie Foldover Clutch (with a leather tassel, of course!). Then, you ship your fabric to Emily, and then she begins the design process. I selected one of my favorite onesies - a Rosie Pope button up with a teal colored print. My son was so little here! I loved how soft this onesie was on him.

Emily will prepare the fabric in order to fit it into the lining of the bag. 

I was so excited when she sent me this picture. I couldn't wait to have this fabric in a place that I could have with me at all times! Emily helped me to select a different fabric from her collection to use as the inner lining for the pocket detail.

The finished product was gorgeous. I cannot tell you how special this bag is to me!

The Maggie Foldover is meticulously sewn (some people have all the talent!) I will forever keep this bag near and dear to my heart. When designing your bag, you are able to choose the color of the leather (I went with camel), the zipper color (I went with a cream color), and of course, your inner fabric. These bags are PERFECT for anyone who is looking to incorporate memorable fabrics into a personal belonging that they can carry with them on the daily.

This bag is more than just a leather bag. It is a bag with a deeply rooted meaning to the carrier (me!) What types of fabrics do you have that you would love to have with you at all times? The possibilities are endless!