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Guide To Making Your Own Baby Food

Guide To Making Your Own Baby Food

When my son started to eat solids, I was so excited to make food for him. Finding the time to make his food has become a lot easier since I started to use the Baby Brezza. This one-step baby food processor does the steaming and blending for you in a glass bowl. You can make up to four cups per batch. The glass bowl and blade are dishwasher safe - making clean up a breeze!

These next photos are from my first round of baby food making. I started simple, initially making single fruit and vegetable purees that I could freeze. I then mixed and matched to make different meals for my son each day and night. Before I started my big day of baby food making, I went to the store and shopped for my little guy.

Just look at that big bowl of deliciousness! We should all take a note from our babies - wouldn't you like to eat like this ALL THE TIME? Think about how energized we would all be if we ate as well as a baby did. The lack of processed food in their lives is something we should all try to mimic in our own diets. You will need to peel and cut up your fruits and veggie prior to adding them into the Baby Brezza bowl for steaming and pureeing. This will increase the surface area of the foods you are preparing which will allow for faster processing.

After each batch of baby food was finished, I would pour the food into 1 oz ice cube trays for freezing. A few times per week I will put together various meals in containers and then place them into the refrigerator. This will soften the cubes prior to heating in the microwave for a few seconds before serving.

Above, from top left, I made beets, spinach, yellow squash, carrots, bananas, sweet potatoes, zucchini, and pears. The Baby Brezza did a beautiful job of steaming each of these fruits and veggies and then turning it into a smooth puree for my baby. At this stage, my son does not handle a lot of texture well. Therefore, it is important that his food is steamed thoroughly and then pureed very smooth.

I also like to add spices to the baby food. Cinnamon to your sweet potatoes, basil to your carrots and squash, or ginger to your spinach and beets. Your baby might appear to not enjoy these unique flavors at first, but don't become discouraged! Put the food in the refrigerator and try again at the next feeding. Your baby will get used to the taste and will eventually gobble up his home-made meal.

Below are my three favorite baby food puree blends.

Breakfast: Peaches and Mangos blended with Flax and Oatmeal

Lunch: Avocado, Sweet Potato, Quinoa, blended smooth

Dinner: Beets and Pears pureed with a hint of Ginger

Ground Chicken pureed with Carrots and a hint of Spinach

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