Clek Fllo Car Seat Upgrade

About five months ago, we moved our son from his infant car seat into a convertible car seat. Before we had our Clek, we had a different seat that I was never truly in love with. I felt that it was safe, however, it took up so much room in our car. It sat behind the passenger side, but the passenger side front seat had to be so far up, it became useless. Everywhere we would go, one of us would need to take a seat behind the drivers seat, just so that we would have leg room and not be wedged up to the dash board (it's scary to be that close!)

But once we installed the Clek Fllo, everything changed for us.  The Fllo is the compact car seat model offered by Clek. It has several features that I LOVE as a parent:

-Extended rear facing use with advanced side impact protection: Yes and yes! I am going to keep my son rear facing at least until age two, if not for longer. With the Fllo, he can sit rear facing up to 50 lbs. He is 26 lbs right now and about 1.5 years old, so we have a ways to go!

-Steel Anti-Rebound bar: This bar makes the seat feel very secure. You want the least possible potential for movement when it comes to your child's car seat. 

-Advanced Side Impact Protection: The head rest can be adjusted for your child's height, and the seat has deep side wings for head protection. The side wings are reenforced with steel bars, and are lined with energy absorbing EPP foam layers.

-Energy Absorbing Crumple Technology: This technology transfers forces away from your child and into the aluminum honeycombs within the seat.

We ordered the Fllo in the Thunder color (grey). The seat is compact and Theo looked like a safe little cutie pie peanut in it. We had another seat in our car at first, and it was just very difficult to install and it took up too much space. The Fllo is much more suitable for our vehicle (an SUV, by the way!). With the Fllo, you can fit three seats in the back seat, which will be nice if we (one day, fingers crossed) have more children. For us, Fllo is the way to go! 

Choosing a car seat is a big decision. There is so much to consider such as size, safety, design, and price. Do your research, install your seat properly, and keep up to date on all of the laws and guidelines surrounding car seat safety. It's funny to think that car seats were barely used when I was my son's age. Thank goodness for all of the advancements in technology, especially the advancements that keep our children safer!