Faucet Face Reusable Glass Water Bottles

The below post is sponsored by Faucet Face. Thank you for reading!

Plastic water bottles and plastic bags. If I could have three environmental wishes, the first one would be to make these environmental bombs, which are available for pure convenience, disappear. A little piece of me dies every time someone drinks out of a plastic, disposable water bottle in their own home, or when the bagger at the grocery store takes your toothpaste, segregates it from all your other goods, and double bags it in a plastic bag. That toothpaste now has four barrier layers of protection, three of which are completely unnecessary.

Why are we doing this to our environment?! Plastic water bottles are not something that any of us should be using. Pretty much ever. There are only a few instances that I can think of where a plastic throw away bottle would be a persons only option for hydration. It is only in these situations where people should take advantage of the convenience of a disposable water bottle. 

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle are presented in that order because that is the manner in which we should implement this green philosophy. Step 1) Reduce the amount of waste that you produce. It starts with us, and every individual effort can add up to a large reduction in garbage production. Step 2) Reuse what you can. If you HAD to open that plastic water bottle while on the road, hold on to it and refill it as needed during your trip. Lastly, Step 3) Recycle the materials that you do pull for your own personal convenient use. 

Step 4) Commit to using three or fewer plastic water bottles per year. Faucet Face makes beautiful reusable glass water bottles, which can help you stay committed to this goal. Water tastes the best out of glass, and you do not need to worry about any chemicals leaching from these glass bottles into your beverage. We are fortunate to have the cleanest water around -parasite and bacteria free -  unlike much of the water in other parts of the world. 

Faucet Face donates a portion of their profits to the clean drinking water charity, Third Millennium Awakening. This charity employs locals in India to create BioSand water filters that are then distributed in areas that do not have access to clean water for drinking and bathing.  

The benefits of using a Faucet Face glass water bottle are endless. For starters, you are greatly reducing the amount of plastics that end up inside our wildlife. We have an obligation to stop this from happening. 

Click here to see more about the above problem that our plastic usage has created. 

I am not sure which Faucet Face design is my favorite! One thing is for sure, these gorgeous bottles sure do get a lot of attention. Wear it loud and proud that you are a "hose water" drinker. We are fortunate to have effective water purification systems in our country that allow us to avoid drinking from disposable containers. Make an impact today, and commit to sticking with glass water bottles as you live your life.