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The Best Pinterest Podcast To Listen To When Learning Pinterest

The Best Pinterest Podcast To Listen To When Learning Pinterest

7 Things About Simple Pin Podcast that Changed My Pinterest Life

Two months ago, I had the question "how does Pinterest work?" I was annoyed that I had this question, and that I had not yet cracked the Pinterest code. I had been blogging on and off for the past year, but I was ready to take my blog to the next level. This post is all about Simple Pin Podcast, which is in my opinion, the best Pinterest podcast to listen to when learning Pinterest. 

I KNEW that Pinterest was a powerful tool, but I was confused as to how to best use this form of social media.

Hold up. Did I just call Pinterest social media? One thing that I learned from another experienced blogger is that Pinterest is a search engine and that I needed to start treating it like one. Good first step, but I still had a ton of HOW HOW HOW questions! I read a couple of blogs that referred to the Simple Pin Podcast, with host Kate Ahl

I have listened to approximately four podcasts in my life (before Simple Pin). I had some drive time in my day that I was looking to fill, plus, I was becoming very tired of my political talk radio that I was regularly listening to. It was becoming depressing! I downloaded the Simple Pin podcast and began to listen every day while on my way to and from work. 

I was instantly hooked. Each time I finished a podcast, I left inspired by Kate and her guest host of the day (if she had one). Kate has a certain energy in her voice that left me wanting to hear more and more from her after each podcast. 

The following are my favorite things about Simple Pin Podcast and the takeaways that I implemented to help drive traffic to my blog through Pinterest:

7 Things About Simple Pin Podcast that Changed my Pinterest Life


1) It taught me that Pinterest is a slow burn. 

You need to put time into it and have patience, and soon enough, you will begin to see the hits to your blog from Pinterest grow. I recently became a regular pinner (both a live pinner and a scheduled pinner using Tailwind) and over the past 30 days, I have seen my Pinterest traffic increase every day. Pinterest rewards regular users and content curators. Seeing the growth in the past 30 days has me excited about what is to come in the future.

2) Stay true to your brand. 

You don't need to have a Pinterest board for everything. Forget the thought that you need to have a quotes board just because they are popular. You want to be seen and known as an expert in your field. Post content relevant to what you post on your blog. 

3) How to keyword, and where to keyword. 

Whether you are the designer of your own site on Wordpress, or you use a hosting site like Squarespace, there are various ways to keyword your blog and content. Pinterest looks for these keywords when users are searching for a particular topic. I use Squarespace for my website, so with this information, I then dedicated time searching how to best keyword with Squarespace. I learned many different techniques, such as utilizing alt text in order to keyword images on my site. 

4) It taught me why Pinterest is awesome. 

Kate interviews many inspiring women and men (mostly women!!) who use Pinterest regularly to promote their businesses. I loved hearing each of their stories. The theme was always the same. These people noticed Pinterest spikes early on without even doing much on Pinterest. From there, they dug deeper. They started to invest more time and attention into Pinterest, and now Pinterest traffic often accounts for most of their traffic. 

5) Switch to a Pinterest Business account, and try Promoted Pins. 

You want to switch to business because the algorithm slightly favors business accounts. Use a clean and bright picture of yourself instead of your logo - it will resonate further with your readers and people who will potentially follow you. 

Promoted Pin campaigns are a great way to drive traffic to posts that you are looking to promote. You can set your price per click and you can also set a "max spend" limit per day. I tried a promoted pin campaign with my Stretch Mark Prevention and Minimization post, and had a huge surge in clicks to my blog! 

6) Focus on Growing your Email List. 

Kate and her guests talk about all sorts of lead magnets that you can create to encourage readers to join your mailing list. She also talks about email services that have worked for her and her clients. An email list is the one thing that you own. Once Pinterest or any platform changes their algorithm yet again, you will always have your email list!

7) How to Monetize your Traffic.

By using affiliate marketing, you can eventually generate income from your blog. One way to easily do this is by writing several gift guides that pertain to your blog content. Once you are an affiliate with Amazon or Target, you can link to these sites which then pay you a certain percentage of money for purchases driven by your blog. 

And that wraps up my seven main takeaways after listening to the entire Simple Pin series. There are SO MANY more key areas that Kate goes into on her Podcast. It is a MUST LISTEN! I have learned so much from her and her guests. Here is how my Pinterest traffic has grown in the last few months:

Audience Size Referred by Pinterest:

February: 4

March: 188

April: 967

May: 3122

June: 7274

As you can see, the slow burn effect is working! These are huge Pinterest number for me. I mean come on, I started with only 4 views back in February! 

I could not be happier with these results. I recommend Simple Pin to anyone who is interested in blogging. There are other podcasts out there that discuss these topics, but Kate has the best radio voice and always kept me wanting to hear more information from her and her guests. And you cannot ignore the results that I have seen. I have implemented her tips and suggestions to the best of my ability, and the payoff has been well worth it!

This is one of the best Pinterest podcast out there to help you learn how to be an effective Pinterest user. Kate Ahl, owner of Simple Pin, discusses how to use Pinterest on her podcast.
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