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Best Netflix Documentaries That Are On Right Now

Best Netflix Documentaries That Are On Right Now

What To Watch When The Kids Go To Bed

When I think of the perfect Friday night, Netflix Documentaries come to mind. We do not have a DVR, so we are unable to watch tv until the kids go to bed (there is no possible way to pay attention to a show while they are awake!)

I LOVE a good, juicy documentary, and I have caught up on a few recently that have certainly been worth a watch. Here is a round up of some of the best that I have seen, and why you should check them out, too.

In no particular order:

1) Long Shot

This documentary is less than an hour in length, but it is so very captivating. A man is accused of murder, and he uses his evening at a Dodger’s game to try to prove his innocent. It has a few twists and turns, when you think he is finally proved innocent…but then….well, you will see!!

2) 13th

OMG, this documentary opened my eyes to so much about the prison system that I did not know. It’s all about the 13th amendment, and goes into captivating detail about all the things wrong with our prison system. Why are we not fixing this?!?!

3) Audrie And Daisy

This documentary is truly one that everyone should watch. It is hard to watch, but 100% necessary in today’s day. It is about two young girls who were victims of sexual assault. The aftermath of their experience is heart breaking. Audrie experienced intense cyberbullying, which ultimately caused her to take her own life. Daisy is working hard to bring a positive outcome to her experience.

4) Amanda Knox

Don’t you just wish we could just know if someone was innocent or guilty?! In this documentary, you hear Amanda’s side of the story, and you get a better understanding about how the media can work against you, if they want to. It is fascinating to watch, and in the end, you might just understand why she was ultimately let off the hook.

5) The Fear Of 13

This documentary is told by Death Row Inmate Nick Yarris. His story is wonderfully told - he has a narrative style that will keep you wanting to hear more. The ultimate question is if he is truly guilty, or not. A must-watch.

6) Fyre

This documentary goes inside the Fyre Music Festival. It makes you thankful that you were not there - or wait a second, maybe I did want to be there to see this all go down!

7) Rotten

This documentary series takes you into the food industry and supply chain. The six episodes cover chicken farming, garlic supply, the peanut problem, the honey supply, the dwindling fish supply, and the dairy industry. While these topics may not seem super duper interesting, each story is told in a style that keeps you wanting to hear more about the food industry.

8) Three Wives One Husband

You will not be able to turn your head away from this one. Most of us want to know why anyone would want to share a husband. This docu-series takes us into the lives of several families who life as polygamists in Utah. If you were a fan of TLC’s Sister Wives, you will love this one as well.

9) Period. End Of Sentence.

This short story (only 25 minutes) tells us about a major stigma in rural India, one that is causing young women to abandon their education. It reminds us why women having financial power is so important for society. You can read more about The Pad Project here.

10) Blue Gold: American Jeans

A documentary about blue jeans - wow, was this one addicting! This doc takes us through the history of the American Blue Jean. You will see passionate collectors and will learn how the traditional jean sparked global jean innovation. This one left me wanting to buy an authentic pair of jeans that were made in America.

11) The 2000s

I believe this one originally debuted on CNN, but it is now available on Netflix. My husband and I got through all eight episodes in less than a day. This docu-series is fantastically done, and if you were aware of what was going on in the early 2000’s, you will be captivated by every word in this series.

It covers politics, 9/11, the tech boom, the financial crisis, and the music of the era. It is ripe with nostalgia and will leave you wanting to dig out your first generation click-wheel iPod.

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