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How To Optimize A Viral Pin

How To Optimize A Viral Pin

How To Optimize a Viral Pin. How To Maximize Traffic To Your Blog When A Pin Goes Viral.

How I Optimized Traffic To My Blog From A Viral Pin

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If you're a blog analytics junkie like myself, you can easily spot an uptick in traffic to a specific blog post when it happens. It's exhilarating and fun to watch. Recently, I dug deep into one of my "viral" pins and did what I could during its period of virality to keep it going and to keep visitors engaged and on my blog for as long as possible. 

In a perfect world, I would already have my blog optimized for when this happens. However, I'm a firm believer that "Done is better than perfect", meaning that I prefer to churn out content on a regular basis and then see which posts become popular once I begin to promote them. I then do what I can to maximize the traffic from those popular posts. Here are several steps that I implement in order to optimize popular pins, and what I do to keep the momentum going. 

1) Find which pin is driving the uptick in traffic to my site. 

I use Squarespace, so this is as easy as going into my blog analytics. For me on this particular occasion, I realized it was this above pin on Pinterest that was driving the spike in traffic. The interesting thing about this pin is that it does not lead to this specific blog post, but rather to my general "Pregnancy and Parenthood" landing page. This was the first time that I have seen this happen. All other past viral pins have directed readers to one particular blog post. 

This lead me to realize that I want more of these! This is because people then scrolled down to find my blog post with this particular content that they were looking for. It was an automatic two page views to my blog. Sometimes they stopped at a different, more intriguing looking blog post. And sometimes, they came back to my landing page to read more.

2) Rearrange My Blog Posts

Since this pin was leading to my blog index page, I rearranged my blog posts in the order of popularity for what people were clicking on during this period of virality (determined by my Squarespace analytics data). I put the popular posts up top, and moved less popular posts to the bottom. I wanted to catch the eye of a reader faster. We only have a few seconds to capture the attention of a reader and to engage them in our content. 

3) Optimize Content Of My Popular Blog Posts

If I have a sudden increase in traffic to a specific post, I read through that post to determine how I can make it better. I asked myself, do I have additional eye-catching photos or details that I could add that would make my post better? I did, so I added them ASAP. I added three swelling pictures to my blog post that I knew my readers would like as supporting imagery for my post. 

4) Add Content To The Bottom Of My Post

At the end of a post, I want to make it easier for readers to click over to another intriguing post. In my most recent viral post, I added what I thought was interesting content in hopes that my reader will continue to read and enjoy my blog.

How To Optimize a Viral Pin Post

5) Ask For An Instagram or Pinterest Follow

I have Instagram and Pinterest icons throughout my site, but I also like to add these buttons in popular posts in order to encourage friends to hop on over to my Instagram or Pinterest page. 

Since I am an Amazon Affiliate, I like to include a favorite product of mine on a given blog post. Most of the time, it relates to the specific article, but I also like to include favorite books of mine. In posts with affiliate links, I disclose this information at the top of my post. 

The goal is to keep your blog lit for as long as possible! Good luck, friends!

Keep your blog active!!

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