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How To Part With Old Swimwear That Doesn't Fit

How To Part With Old Swimwear That Doesn't Fit

Unique Swimsuits, Fun One Piece Swimwear from The Seea. Parting with old bathing suits.
The below post about parting with old swimwear is a sponsored post by The Seea. Thank you for reading!

We are all guilty of holding onto swimwear for far too long. After a few seasons, swimsuits can become stretched out. The elastic can break down, and you are left with ill-fitting suits that you could easily say goodbye to. But I haven't. I have a huge collection of swimsuits as old as 15 years old. It's time to purge! Over the years, my body has changed and so have the styles. Let's take a trip down swimsuit memory road.....

My oldest suit -15 years old!

How To Part With Old Swimwear That Doesn't Fit

This suit does not have ANY elastic left to it! I never wear it, I don't even know why I still have it! Time to say goodbye! 

7 Year Old "Wedding Suit"

How To Part With Old Swimwear That Doesn't Fit

This above suit is the one that I wore the summer leading up to my September wedding. I choose it because it does not have straps. I had a strapless wedding dress that I didn't want any tan lines for. It's cute, but this is also a suit that I never wear. And the elastic has disintegrated with all of the washes this suit has gone through (I rarely hand wash suits, into the laundry they go!)

Mismatched Top With Bottoms

How To Part With Old Swimwear That Doesn't Fit

There comes a point in time when we can retire "Juicy" from our butts. That time is now for me (don't argue with me that the time was years ago!!!) Also, I am very guilty of pairing non-matching tops with bottoms. 

The 97 Cent Mismatched Collection

I got so excited when I saw these pieces on sale for 97 cents. I scooped up as many as possible and figured I'd make complete suits out of the pieces with everything that I had at home. This was a bad strategy. I purchased each of these out of excitement of the price, but never wore any of them. Nothing matched! I couldn't see that in the store though - I had sale blinders on. Now, if you have read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up (which you all should - this book is inspiring!) you would know that any time is as good as now to toss anything that doesn't spark joy. 

My goal for swimwear this summer was to find a one piece that would fit me well and could accommodate a growing belly. I fell in love with the designs over at The Seea - they were unique and different from anything that I have seen. I also picked out a rashguard for my son - this has got to be the cutest suit I have ever seen on a toddler!

How I Revamped My Swimsuit Collection With The Seea -First Thyme Mom

The suit that I chose has a high neck, low V back, and is made of their C-Skin material, which feels like an ultralight 0.5 mm Neoprene material. It feels buttery smooth on my skin - love the way it moves as I move! This swimsuit was a great replacement for all of my ancient and mismatched swimwear. 

Rashguards for Kids. Suits that offer more sun protection in the summer.

And how cute is my son in his rashguard?! The Seea has a wonderful selection of suits for kids, ages 0-14. And they even have matching mommy and me sets!!  Designs for BOTH moms and their girls and moms and their boys. How cute! I am sure you love a good closet clean out as much as I do, and don't forget to purge your swimwear every few years. 15 years old suits are never a good idea! 


How To Part With Old Swimwear That Doesn't Fit. Revamping your swimwear collection. Best swimsuits for moms.
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