Lovepop Cards for This Father's Day!

How Lovepop Can Help You To Make a Statement This Father's Day (use FIRSTTHYME at checkout for 10% off!)

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You guys may have seen my Mother's Day post last month, where I highlighted several of my favorite things for Mom. Well, it's Dad's turn now! From my experience, my husband really enjoys the simple things in life. We are not big gift-givers, but we always give each other cards for anniversaries, birthdays, and now, Mother's Day and Father's Day. My new FAVORITE cards are by far, the gorgeous, creative, fun, and unique designs from Lovepop Cards

Everyone that I have given a Lovepop Card to has truly been amazed by the intricate 3-D pop-up designs. These are definitely cards that people hold on to! How fun are these Father's Day designs?! Every card has a 2-D cut out design on the front, and then, when you open them up, POP! 

When I opened them all up, our son immediately picked the Fishing Bear Lovepop card for his dad. He knows his dad just went on a fishing trip for a week in May, and he has been saying "Dada Fishing" for the last few weeks whenever my husband is not home. So he knew right away that this card was the one for his daddy! 

Lovepop Cards for this Father's Day!

You can see all of the Lovepop Father's Day designs on their website here (be sure to use the discount code FIRSTTHYME at checkout on the Lovepop website to receive 10% off!) And if you're an Amazon Prime users, you can pick up Fishing Bear, Golf, Golf Cart, and many many more 3-D Lovepop designs on Amazon. Lovepop takes your card-giving game to the next level. Lovepop can even send a handwritten Lovepop card for an additional $5. How amazing are they?! 

Happy Father's Day to all the amazing Dads out there this year!