My Favorite Registry Items That Will Surely Be Used For Baby #2!

The following post contains affiliate links to my favorite baby products of all time. Thank you for reading! 

There are SO.MANY. products out there for mom and baby that it is often difficult to sift through all of the options when creating your registry. Some of my favorite products that I have purchased and used are based on personal recommendations from friends and family. After being a professional first time mom for 22 months now, I have a few items that I can truely call my FAVES. These are my favorite registry items that will most definitely be used for baby #2! 

My Favorites:

1. Doona Infant Car Seat/Stroller: 

The Doona. My Favorite Registry Items That WILL Be Used For Baby #2!

I cannot stress how awesome this car seat/stroller combo is to have. The wheels fold up into the car seat and pop out with a click of a button when you are ready to roll. This stroller/car seat combo was perfect for running errands around town. The wheels are permanently attached, and they allowed for a seamless transition from car seat base to on-the-go with mom and dad when out and about. There was rarely an interruption in his frequent newborn periods of sleep with this beauty.

In airports, grocery stores, malls, and other public areas, I would often receive questions from moms and dads wondering what this contraption was. I would then give them a quick wheel folding demo, and they too agreed that this car seat is one of the more innovative ones out there. The Doona will surely be instrumental with our second baby as well.


2. QuickZip Crib Sheets: 

These crib sheets are revolutionary. This two-part sheet system will not pop off of your crib mattress while your little one sleeps. And changing these sheets is beyond easy. MUCH easier than traditional crib sheets. We have all been there - lifting up all four corners of a mattress in order to get the sheets on and off. It's hard! 

With QuickZip, you zip on and off in a flash. The materials are adorable, and they even offer a soft minky version for winters. We cannot get enough of our QuickZip Crib sheets! 

3. TipMeNot Baby Bottle Learning Tool

TipMeNot. My Favorite Registry Items That WILL Be Used For Baby #2!

The TipMeNot is small but mighty. Next time, I will surely have more than one on hand! My son used this from the get go, and was a super tool for both him and I. The leaf design allowed for a perfect baby grip of his Dr. Brown's Wide Neck Bottles (this product fits mosts bottles). When the bottles hit the floor, the leaf often prevented the bottle nipple from touching the floor. Major bonus! 

4. BellyBuds Headphones: 

These headphones are for when you baby is still in utero, but I LOVED the thought of playing music for my son before he was born. He would often become quite active once I would turn the music on. I would play anything from classical music to Milky Chance, to Rock and Roll. These headphones are fun and I have heard many great things about the benfits of music this early on. 

5. Phil & Teds Poppy Highchair 

Phil & Teds Poppy Highchair. My Favorite Registry Items That WILL Be Used For Baby #2!

We wanted a highchair that was colorful, modern, and one that did cost a fortune. The Poppy was perfect for us! It is super easy to clean up, and comes in a variety of colors to add that pop of color that you may be looking for in your Kitchen. 

6. Comfort Design Play Mats

Comfort Design Play Mats. My Favorite Registry Items That WILL Be Used For Baby #2!

Stylish play mats - yes please! The above mat that we have is 6.5 feet by 4.5 feet and has a soft blush pink design. It is about 1/2 inch thick and is made of comfortable, soft, durable non-toxic foam. Spills are a breeze to wipe up. The best thing is is that this mat is functional and goes fantastically with our decor. His toys are already bright and colorful, the pay mat doesn't need to be as well! 

My Favorite Registry Items That Will Surely Be Used For Baby #2!