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My Seven Most Recent Amazon Purchases That I Couldn't Resist

My Seven Most Recent Amazon Purchases That I Couldn't Resist

My seven most recent Amazon purchases that I couldn't resist.

Amazon Must-Haves For A New Home

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Over this past weekend, my family moved into our new home. This home is one that we have been working on for 2 years and 10 months. It's our dream home, and my husband and I designed every detail of it ourselves. Being in construction, my husband built much of this house that we now live in. And me? Well, I've been scooping up some much-needed items from Amazon to complete our home. 

Here are my most recent seven purchases that I had to have for our new home. Don't you agree??

The Cutest Toilet Paper Holder I've Ever Seen:

This sheep toilet paper holder was a no-brainer for our first floor bathroom. Had to have!

This giraffe was a close second! 

Glass Pitcher

I plan to drink lots of fruit infused water in the new house. So naturally, I needed this pitcher!

A New Speaker!

My son loves to dance like a silly goose. We needed a new bluetooth speaker so that we can play music in our kitchen after a long day of work. Perfect way to unwind!

New Lunch Tote

My old tote was nine years old. It was time to retire it and get a new one. I saw my coworker with this Hangry Fox Dog and I had to have one too! 

Bathroom Guest Book? Yes, Please!

This book is a must if you ever host at your house. The things people come up with and write in here are hilarious! 

A Hand Vacuum With Max Suction

We have a dog. One with hair. Lots and lots of hair. I often think that if I were to brush her for eight hours straight, hair would still be coming out in extra large quantities. This super strong and powerful hand vac has saved the day! I can clean up my stairs in just a few minutes with ease using this hand-held dog hair sucker. Game-changer!

Local Television, Here We Come!

I am all about seeing what the newest form of rabbit ears can funnel in. My coworkers told me about these antennas. I ordered two and can't wait for local TV!

There you have it! These are my most recent seven Amazon purchases within the last few days. I cannot wait for that sheep to arrive!


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