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Would You Be Willing To Do Anything For......

Would You Be Willing To Do Anything For......

I have never seen pizzas as big as I did at Murphy's Bleachers the other night. I have never been so close to a pizza as big as I did at Murphy's Bleachers the other night. No, scratch that, I have never been so close to a pizza of any size as I was the other day - but it was worth it. Ohhhhhhh it was worth it!

The Ellen Show was looking for fans whose team was in the World Series. Have you seen how much Cubs World Series tickets are going for?! They are certainly NOT in the budget. We are currently trying to save as much money as possible so that we can move into a new home, and we are living in my parents basement in order to be able to do so one day! After professing my love to them for Ellen and the Cubbies, I received a call from a producer to let me know that something might be going down at Murphy's Bleachers. Then I saw the tweets:

My parents were on-board for watching my son so that my husband and I could be at Murphy's. I was able to rally together an amazing group of family and friends to come along to see what was about to go down. I knew I would need to come decked out in Cubs gear. Everyone else came donning their Cubbie Blue as well!

Once we were inside Murphy's, I began to see other people who I could tell were there for Ellen. Then, the Ellen crew arrived. I knew that I was going to be a part of something, but I had no idea in what capacity. All I knew is that I had said (in a seemingly hypothetical situation) that I would be willing to do ANYTHING for a chance to win World Series tickets.


Once I met Ian, who is a member of Ellen's team, he began to get Julie (the other contestant!) and I excited for what MIGHT be happening. I had an idea that there would be competition for something, and I could only hope that that something would be tickets to see the Cubs make history in the World Series!

Then, all of a sudden, right before the start of Game 2, Jeannie walked in with a megaphone. She was calling for my name, and Julie's name as well. We were out of our minds excited! They took us to the front of the bar, and then rolled out a folding table. Then, the giant Giordano's Pizza crusts came out.

I had already seen the goggles. You know, those 8th grade chemistry class goggles that we all had? At that instant, I knew we were going in. I knew I had to give this my all. Jeannie and Ian made it VERY clear that there was only one grand prize, and it was two tickets to the World Series. Inside the pizza, there was a small Cubs pennant flag. With our hands behind our backs, we were tasked to FIND THAT FLAG. At that moment, I was 100% committed to getting the job done.

Now, many of you might be thinking, "Isn't everyone a winner on Ellen?" I am an avid Ellen watcher, and she is extremely generous with her audience and guests. But I have seen games played where only one top prize was awarded. Yes, there are typically other prizes for the participants, but I was ready to play this game assuming that there could only be one victor and winner of these tickets.

There are many ways to get on the Ellen Degeneres show. This is just one! It was awesome to meet Jeannie Klisiewicz!

But first - a photo with Jeannie! It was so great to meet Jeannie - she has been working for Ellen for several seasons. It has been so much fun watching all of the escapades she has gone on over the years!

Prior to starting, Ellen was on camera in front of us. We just died! She asked each of us what going to the World Series would mean to us. She wished us luck and reminded us that there was only one set of two tickets to be won in this pizza sauce face diving competition.

It was go time. I'll just leave these pictures right here:

The sauce was deep. It was room temp. It was herby. But after searching and searching, I was convinced that there was not a pennant flag in the 30 inch Giordano's monstrosity. I could hear my family and friends cheering me on. But then, enough sauce poured out of my ear and I could hear them telling me it was to my right. But I wasn't sure of Julie pennant flag face searching status. Then, Ellen said I had won! I went nuts.....duhhhhhhh!!!

Ellen had more to say! She asked if I would be willing to share one of my tickets with Julie. At this point, Julie and I were buds. We had bonded. We were both sauced faced. OF COURSE I would share with her! And then, true to Ellen's form, she announced that we were BOTH going to receive two tickets and a meet and greet with the players!!!! OMG WE JUST TALKED TO ELLEN AND WE'RE NOW GOING TO THE WORLD SERIES!

We were big winners! Saucy winners who just played an absolute crazy game in front of many bar patrons and The Ellen Show crew! Who knows what this was going to look like when it airs on Friday!

We did a quick interview with NBC Channel 5.

There was so much energy surrounding the pennant flag pizza search. Julie was the sweetest person ever and I am happy that I was able to meet her and compete in this amazingly ridiculous competition. As we cleaned up the best we could in the tiny bathroom sink at Murphy's, we were both in disbelief of what just happened. We were just on Ellen and were going to Game 4!

Thankfully, the Ellen staff gave us fresh shirts to wear home. And my sister was luckily wearing two pairs of pants (LOL) so I was able to borrow a fresh pair.

Are you wondering who is coming as my plus one? I received this from the hubs today:

Yessssssss, First Thyme Dad, I am still taking you! And it's "you're", but I'll let it slide.

My take-a-ways from this whole Ellen/Cubs/Giordano's/Pizza face extravaganza:

1) I truly meant it when I said that I would do anything for a chance at Cubs World Series Tickets.

2) That there is no need to ever spend money on a chemical peel. Simply open up a #10 can of pizza sauce, and dunk your face in it for one minute. The acidic pH will do the magic for you!

3) That I have never really taken the time to enjoy the deliciousness of Giordano's pizza sauce quite like I did that day.

4) The art of stain removal.

5) That my hair is on good and can survive ANYTHING!

6) I surely made a grammar/spelling mistake since I called out my husband on one.

7) That there is NO WAY that I would have been able to accomplish what I did without the cheers and support of my family and friends at Murphy's on that night.

8) That Ellen truly is one of the most generous people. Her and her staff are amazing. THANK YOU, ELLEN!!!


The Ellen Show is shipping us banners for the game, so keep an eye out while watching on Saturday night! GO CUBS GO!


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