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Did That Just Happen?!

Did That Just Happen?!

What happened this week?! Were we really on The Ellen Show competing for a chance to go to the World Series and receive a once in a lifetime fan experience on the field? Did we really just have our faces neck-deep in deep dish pizza and get to talk to Ellen Degeneres herself? Somebody pinch me!

Just to recap, here is what went down on The Ellen Show on Friday:

Yup, that's Julie and I, two lucky contestants on Ellen's show who received an opportunity to win World Series tickets to Game 4 at Wrigley Field, and a chance for a VIP fan experience. I did not know Julie before this contest, but we will forever share a deep dish bond.

It was fun seeing some of the things that came out surrounding this bit!

Since The Ellen Show airs on NBC, they had an exclusive on the Deep Dish Dig. had a blurb about the saucy event!

Then there was this! In my defense, we were on an audio delay - but this was hilarious nonetheless!

Going into Game 4, we had minimal details on what were were going to be doing on that day. We did not even know where our seats would be up until 2 pm on game day - but that was part of all of the fun. Not knowing what was going to happen was suspenseful!

I have to start by saying that everyone who we have met, talked to, and texted as they took us through this whirlwind have been amazing. Ellen, Ellen's Staff (for me, Jenny, Tracy, and Ian), the MLB staff and film crew (Matt, Ginger, Tara, Jen, Keith, Anthony, and Paige) - they were all extremely gracious and made this experience truly amazing. It was a blast spending yesterday with Julie and her Dad, and of course, our Chicago Cubs!

Before meeting Tara and Jen, we had to make our way to the front of Wrigley for a photo with the banners that the Ellen team overnighted to us.

The feeling down at Wrigley was fun but serious. There was a lot of energy, and everyone could not wait for the game to start. Streets were blocked off, the bars that were not charging cover (such as Murphy's Bleachers) had lines around the block. CPD was everywhere - there to keep everything under control and operating smoothly.

We met Julie, her Dad, Tara, Jen, Keith, and Anthony by Murphy's. We then went in the back entry and scooped up our "credentials". This was official! We did a few film takes for the Ellen show. We are not sure if anything will air on Ellen next week, but the film crew was there to capture our experience just in case. Then, we went down onto the field. Things were already surreal, but being on the field was almost indescribable! We were able to take as many pics as we'd like. We had SO much fun!

We had our banner, which definitely got us a lot of attention. Another thing that got us a lot of attention was the fact that it was obvious that were were not media and that we were fans. We did not keep our cool in any sort of way. None what-so-ever. The other media outlets got a kick out of interviewing the two Ellen girls.

We got to hang out in the dugout!

It was at this point when a super cute Kris Bryant look-alike came out of the dugout. We freaked. It was actually Matt Szczur. It was super hard to tell who was who at time since they were wearing warmups without their numbers. And they were all just so darn cute. Ridiculously cute.

Addison Russell was everywhere we looked.

Stretching was fun to watch....duhhhh.

David Ross (with Chip Caray!) gave us a wave after seeing us goofballs on the sidelines.

Oh hey boys!!

Jake! Yep, we lost it when he came out of the dugout. No case of mistaken identity here with Jake.


We were having a blast! Our plus ones were not able to be on the field with us, but they got to see a lot of cool things from their vantage point down on the field.

We got to talk to several media outlets. We met former pitcher turned MLB Network analyst Dan Plesac. He was so nice!

Albert, I mean Javy, I mean Albert, surprised us with a super sweet convo. Ummm nicest most gracious guy in baseball? - I'd say so!!

And then, there was Vince! I knew that if we held up our Ellen banner then he might come talk to us, especially because he was on The Ellen Show this past week. And he sure did! It was awesome!

After our amazing experience on the field, we headed to our seats. We were in section 134 - they were the best seats that I have ever sat in at Wrigley. Our signs got us a lot of attention. We ended up on the Jumbotron, and took many photos with other Cubbie fans who saw us on Ellen with our faces in pizza. It was a ton of fun!

In the end, this experience was truly once in a lifetime. As we move into Game 5 tonight, we are wishing our Cubbies the best of luck. This was an experience that we will never forget. It was all because of Ellen and a little deep dish pizza. Now, let's go CUBS!


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