Evenings Without Television

As you saw from my post over the weekend, we no longer have cable.  And since we were away for the holiday weekend, we have yet to set up an alternative to not having cable. So, last night, we hung out without the television on. And you know what? It was great! We had all of the doors and windows open to the house (because it gets hot when you are trying to cut back on electric expenses!), and we could hear so much! And even though we are always watching our son, not having the TV on as a visual and sound distraction allowed us to tune into him even more.

We caught onto a few more babbles that he had to say, and I spotted out of the corner of my eye him putting a small piece of plastic in his mouth that he found behind the garbage can. Thank goodness! I was never much of a TV watchers myself, but I did enjoy having it on in the background. But you know what? TV silence is amazing too!

In the new house that we are in the works of having architecture drawings completed for, we will have a sound system that can play throughout the house. I cannot wait to be wired for music! TV can be such a waste of time. We are ready to embrace the next several months without it! And we can still catch a movie or series when we want on Netflix. With this move to cancel cable, I have come to discover that many of you also have canceled cable. This is definitely becoming more of the norm. What better way to kick off the summer than to be TV free?! Get out there and enjoy these long days!