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Gifts For Mom That Will Make a Lasting Impression

Gifts For Mom That Will Make a Lasting Impression

The following post about gifts for mom that will make a lasting impression contains affiliate links, meaning that I receive a small commission from sales resulting from this post. Thanks for reading! 

Mother's Day has definitely moved up in the ranks of "favorite holidays" since I became a mom. I remember asking when I was a kid, "Why isn't there a Kid's Day". The response was that "Every day is Kid's Day!" And man oh man is that the truth! 

If you are in need of Mother's Day gift ideas, you've come to the right spot. Especially if you are looking for gift ideas that will make a lasting impression. I have tested all of these products myself, and put this list together of some of my faves that I know any mom would love. These gifts are guaranteed to wow that Mama in your life! 

1) For the Soon-To-Be Mom

For the Soon-To-Be Mom, Produce Tees! I am obsessed with these super soft and stylish tees that celebrate the various stages of baby's size with fruits and veggies to match. The box that the set of three t-shirts come in is ADORABLE! It resembles a produce crate, and when you open it up, there are three tee shirts neatly rolled and tied with twine. 

This box of Produce Tees has one shirt with a Peach (12-13 weeks), another with an Eggplant (24-25 weeks), and another with a Pineapple (35-36 weeks). These shirts are some of the softest that I have ever felt, and they are LONG! Perfect for a growing bump. They stretch as well. And the best part is, is that they can be worn when not pregnant as well. When I searched for maternity clothes when pregnant with Theo, I always kept an eye out for items that I could wear when not pregnant as well. 

Produce Tees Peach Shirt, Maternity T-Shirts. The best gifts for expecting moms this Mother's Day.

2) For the Sentimental Mom

For the Sentimental Mom, Rooted Leather Bags. These gorgeous bags are lined with love. This talented designer (Emily) can incorporate memorable fabrics into the lining of your custom bag. I, personally, have never seen anything quite like these Rooted Leather bags.

How it works is that you send Emily fabric of your choice (I chose a favorite onesie that my son used to wear), and then she will line one of her gorgeous handmade bags with the fabric. This is a great way to keep these memories close to you, instead of folded up in a storage bin in your attic.

3) For the Birth Day Is Almost Here Mama

Giftgowns hospital gowns - perfect gift for a soon to be momma!

When a woman is pregnant for the first time, it is a super sweet gesture for her partner or close family to give her a first Mother's Day gift while pregnant. Even though her baby is not here yet, she is still a mama. I received so many compliments on my Giftgowns when I had my daughter - these are a must for anyone who will soon be making the journey to the hospital to meet their new babe! You can shop their site here at They even offer customized design-your-own options!

4) For the Soap-Loving Mom

Handmade earthy soaps. Natural soaps for Mother's Day.

For the Soap-Loving Mom, Mandelin Naturals Soaps. Mandelin Naturals has everything that I crave in a handmade bar of soap. The company is passionate about creating products using the best ingredients for your skin. The soaps, body butters, salves, citrus balm, and scrubs are made with ingredients such as olive oil, coconut oil, goats milk, pine tar, coffee, and oats (to name a few!) The products that I have smell AMAZING. 

5) For the Crunchy Mom

American Provenance Natural Deordant. Diamonds and Daggers is my favorite! This is a great gift for crunchy moms!

For the Crunchy Mom: American Provenance Natural Deodorant. I have tried several of their scents, but my favorite might just be the Daggers & Diamonds. The main ingredient that comes under question in traditional antiperspirants is aluminum.  I love the clean label of American Provenance, which is composed of Coconut oil, Beeswax, Shea Butter, Arrowroot powder, Aluminum-FREE baking soda, and essential oil blends. It goes on smooth (thanks to the coconut oil!) and lasts all day long. 

6) For the Coffee Drinking Mom

Fin First Muertos Isla Coffee Mug. These custom mugs are perfect for mother's day 2017!

For the Coffee Drinking Mom, Fin First Mugs. Fin First creates hand drawn mugs. They have 48 designs to choose from. My personal favorites are the Isla and the Muertos Isla Flamingo mugs! 

7) For the Keep-It-Simple Mom

Lovepop Cards for Mother's Day. Pop up flowers Mother's Day Card.

For the Keep It Simple Mom (and every Mom!): Lovepop Cards! These cards are unlike all the others - they make a big, bold statement! This company was on Shark Tank last year, and they made a lasting impression when I saw their cards. Just look at these gorgeous Mother's Day designs! Show your Mom that she's a Super Mom, with these intricate  3-D paper sculptors! Mix any of these gifts with a Lovepop Card, and Mother's Day will be a home run this year!

8) For the Mom Who Loves Family Photos

Gifts For Mom That Will Make a Lasting Impression

If you live in Illinois, check out Jenny's Hello Peach Photography page and book a session for your family - Jenny is AMAZING with children. She had our sweet boy smiling big for all of our photos. This has been one of the best photo experiences that we have ever had. 

There you have it! One big list of Mother's Day awesome-ness! Cheers to all the Moms in the world! Hardest. Job. Ever. 

Gifts for Mom that will make a lasting impression the Mother's Day! These unique ideas will sure to make any mom in your life feel extra special! The unique gift ideas are perfect for Mother's Day!
Gift Ideas for Mother's Day. Unique gift ideas for mom.
Must Have Gift Ideas for Mom on Mother's Day
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