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What I Would Do If I Won The Mega Millions

Somebody’s Gonna Lotto

What I Would Do If I Won The Mega Millions

Welcome to my, “If I won the Mega Millions” dream post. Tonight is the big drawing, and from what I hear, winner takes home over ONE BILLION DOLLARS. The great majority of us will never see that kind of money or even know anyone with that kind of money. But tonight, it could be me, or you! You gotta play to win, and the lottery is the cheapest dream out there.

For $2, I was able to dream up the most elaborate plan for what I would do if my numbers were drawn. And for a minute, I actually believed that this could and WILL happen! It’s obvious who the first person that I would tell would be - my 10 month old! I know the secret would be safe with her!

Now, winner has one year to claim their prize - aka, fabricate the best plan they can to stay anonymous before presenting their winning ticket. I got a great tip from my coworker today (thanks Matt!) to set up two trusts (when I win). By the time this is done, I may have told my husband about what was coming, but sworn him to secrecy.

Okay, let’s get to the MONEY!! I’d take the lump sum, of course. Who wouldn’t? Why would you want someone else to manage your pot - own that lump! I would not end up like one of those goofs who spends it all and then ends up in jail like we’ve all seen on TV. First and foremost - I’d pay off all our bills. Duh! But that’s boring, because everyone would do that.

My family was all saying that they would still work at their current jobs. This cannot possibly be true. It’s insane to even utter those words. I understand still wanting to work, but THINK of the possibilities!

If you know me, you’d know I’d still work. It’s in my blood. I’d create the most awesome and amazing company ever to work for. We’d have every amenity that you could dream of. I’d hire all my friends and family at BIG salaries, and we’d have the best time at work - you know, 15-20 hours per week or so.

There would be on-site daycare so that we could bring our babies to work. Their playroom would be as grand as our office space. You might be wondering what we would sell? We would be consultants for other organizations for how they, too, can incorporate our awesome culture into their work place (thus skyrocketing employee retention!)

Some other benefits would include:

-One year maternity or paternity leave

-12 weeks vacation time (I’d say unlimited, but you know darn well those policies don’t TRULY mean unlimited! Someone would sound the alarm if someone actually took 12 weeks!)

-Company phone and car (Cadillacs for everyone!)

-Choice to forgo Cadillac and instead choose car service to and from work

-On-site childcare

-On-site fitness classes

-Full tuition reimbursement (any classes of your choice)

-Free breakfast and lunch prepared fresh daily

-Deep tissue massages or facials on Fridays

-Lots of opportunities for giving back to the community

-On-site doggie day care (you’re welcome, Bae!)

-Every employee gets their own assistant

-Big bonuses

Would I share my winnings? Well, I’d probably offer anyone close to me a job at CultivateCulture, Inc. Who am I kidding, people would be banging down the door to work here!

I’d donate lots, leave lots to my wonderful children (oh, and would probably have four more kids!), and would travel to many many places. With hired help. I can’t do anything alone these days!

So that’s it! That’s the dream. What would you do if you won? Of should I say, when you win?

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