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23 Weeks and Pregnancy Symptom-Free!

23 Weeks and Pregnancy Symptom-Free!

23 Weeks and Pregnancy Symptom-Free - First Thyme Mom

I am definitely in the honeymoon stage of pregnancy here at 23 weeks. After a slightly rough start in the first trimester, I am now pregnancy symptom-free (for the moment!) I have been thinking that I am wayyyyyyy bigger at this point that I was with my son. I just feel bigger, which is likely knowing how your body adjusts much quicker to pregnancy the second time around. I found this old photo (on the left) from when I was 23 weeks pregnant with my first, and I compared it to my recent side-by-side:

Left: 23 Weeks, Pregnancy #1. Right: 23 Weeks, Pregnancy #2

23 Weeks Pregnant - A Comparison of My First Pregnancy To My Second - First Thyme Mom

My belly is definitely a little rounder and sticks out a little further at this point that it did in my first pregnancy. For the most part, the second trimester has been pretty great! And this pregnancy has been very similar (so far!) compared to my first pregnancy. All signs are pointing to another baby boy! 

During our level two anatomy scan a couple weeks ago, it was nearly impossible to not ask the tech if we were having a girl or boy. But we held our ground and were able to make it through the hour-long appointment without catching a glimpse at anything or caving and asking what we are having. When our tech was taking the leg measurements, I asked if she could see what we were having. She responded with an "I think so!". It was crazy to know that in that moment she knew a little more about this little baby than we did! 

And let's talk about what else we saw in our 3-D ultrasound photo. Is that a horse with my baby?!

Our baby. And his pet horse. 

Strange images seen in ultrasound photos. Is that a horse?!

Up until this point, the most difficult thing about this pregnancy has been the food aversion that I had from week seven through fourteen. I couldn't even look at chicken or ground turkey, and I was craving the reddest, rarest meat that I could get my hands on. Another symptom that I had in the first trimester that I did not have with my son was extreme light-headedness. I would stand up and would feel like I was about to pass out. Luckily, the food aversion and dizzy spells are OVER! 

The symptom that I am most curious about as to if it will return or not is the dreaded pregnancy edema. With my son, it hit during week 34, and stuck around until nine days after having our son. If the edema stays at bay, I will officially declare this pregnancy a CAKE WALK!

I had the massive realization the other day that a fourth family member would be here before we knew it. It's an odd revelation to have - I'm mean, obviously I knew best that I was pregnant. I'm the one carrying this little one and is getting to feel pregnancy symptoms first-hand. But there is still that disconnect. The strange ability to not truly grasp what is going on until you are holding your baby. I took a trip down baby photo memory lane and started to get super excited all over again to have a tiny little baby around. Especially after seeing this picture of Theo! 

Taking a trip down baby photo memory lane. Preparing for baby #2's arrival.

Just 17 more weeks until a squishy newborn graces us with his (or her!) presence! 

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