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30-Week Bumpdate

30-Week Bumpdate

30 Week Bumpdate - What to expect when 30 weeks pregnant. #bumpdate #bumpday

30-Week Bumpdate, What It Is Like To Be 30 Weeks Pregnant

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"CONGRATS", says The Bump (my fave pregnancy app),"Your baby is as big as a a Zucchini!" I try to process this information since a zucchini is such an odd shape to relate to a baby! I do better with peaches, pomegranates, and watermelons. 30 weeks is a huge milestone though! It means that I am well into my third trimester and that I only have 1/4 of a pregnancy to go before we meet our new baby. 

The Bump app also gives a few fun facts about your pregnancy at "x weeks". At 30 weeks, it says that: 

-Heartburn is normal (yuck this sure is true)

-General Discomfort (Well this is a given!)

-Swelling - it's totally normal, as long as it's not sudden or severe (you mean like this below?!)

Severe swelling? I'd say so!

30 Week Bumpdate

Okay, this above swelling is from my first pregnancy, which came on fast and furious. But not until week 34. I have a few more weeks to go to feel confident that I may be in the clear on this one. I am very hopeful that swelling will not be a major issue this time around.  I am a believer that maybe I can wish it away! 

I had my partner and crime with me the other day at my 30-week visit. No, not my husband, but my son! He was such a good boy and didn't move from his chair the entire appointment. 

I am measuring very average for this pregnancy - a fundal height of 30 centimeters. And the heartbeat is right where it is expected to be at this stage of gestation. During the heartbeat doppler, the baby kicked, which then caused the heartbeat to speed up. The doctor said that this is supposed to happen and is a good thing. 

For the most part, these appointments are pretty straightforward and boring. Which is just the way that the doctors like them! And I hope to stay this way.

I am due in December and I hope to not go a day earlier than my due date. Why, you may ask? Don't us moms want these babies out as soon as safely possible? Well, for me, no. I'd go 10 days late if I had any control in the matter. You see, we still live in my parent's basement, and I'd love to have this baby as close to a move-out-of-my-parents-basement date as possible. 

Here is what 30 weeks looked like with Theo:

30 Weeks With My First Pregnancy

30 Week Bumpdate

Here are a few other things that are currently going on at 30 weeks: 

Weight Gain: While I am measuring larger with this baby than I did with my first, I am not up as much weight. I have gained 24 lbs so far. With my first pregnancy, by week 30 I had gained 27 lbs. 

Cravings: RED MEAT. The redder, the better. I know, it's so bad! For our anniversary dinner in late September, I definitely had my steak cooked medium rare. And it was wonderful. And the other day, my roommate (aka my Dad), cooked burgers on the grill and they were definitely slightly pink. Okay fine, they were RARE! And delicious! I also still crave watermelon, but we are leaving watermelon season which is a sad sad thing. They are not as readily available as they were a month ago! 

Baby's Movement: This new baby is kicking up a storm. More so than I ever remember with my first! He (or she) is most active late at night or in the morning. Kick kick kick!!! And when I sit, everything is scrunched and the movements are intensified. 

Workouts: I continue to do my Barre classes 2-5 days per week, but I am wanting to turn it up in these last 10 weeks and also incorporate my old fave, The Tracy Anderson Pregnancy Project, which got me through pregnancy numero uno. 

Pain: Not much at this point. No sciatica or notable back pain. Driving is still OKAY. Back with my first pregnancy, I used to get the most intense back pain and cramping while in the car, thus skyrocketing my blood pressure! 

Swelling: NONE! Thank goodness for the fact that subsequent pregnancies may not look anything like your first, and thank goodness for cooler weather! 

Stretch Marks: None yet! Hoping my deep oiling method will keep them at bay!

Preparation: While I do have my hospital bag packed, any other prep is basically non-existent. We have yet to pull out any pertinent baby gear from storage and dust it off. I want to get our Rock and Play and Mamaroo Swing ready to go for sure! My Mother-In-Law did pull all of our baby clothes out of storage (errrrr her basement) and she washed and organized everything by size - which is a HUGE HELP! 

Baby Names: We have a girl name! One that is a done deal, if in fact, this baby boy turns out to be a girl. But as far as boys names go, we have seven that we like. I am still determined to choose one that we LOVE before baby arrives! I do not want to have this baby early, and I do not want to have this baby before having a boy name! Suggestions welcome! 

That sums up my 30 week bumpdate! So far, all is good! I am so looking forward to having this baby (just not anytime before my due date!). We cannot wait to see if we are having a boy or a girl. It has been pretty tough holding out on finding out but I am sure glad that we are taking this route. It's a different experience not knowing, one that I am happy to have!

What pregnancy is like at 30 weeks. 30-Week Bumpdate #bumpday#30weekspregnant #thirdtrimester
What to expect when 30 weeks pregnant. Cravings, swelling, stretch marks, preparedness, and weight gain - 30-Week Bumpdate #bumpday#30weekspregnant #thirdtrimester

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