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34-Week Bumpdate

34-Week Bumpdate

What It's Like Being 34 Weeks Pregnant. Being 34 Weeks Pregnant With a Toddler. #34weekspregnant #thirdtrimester #secondpregnancy

What Being 34 Weeks Pregnant Is Like

Six more weeks. Six more weeks until life as we know it will change forever with the addition of another tiny human to our family. Things are starting to get interesting as I move along through this pregnancy. The doctor confirmed that the baby turned somewhere between now and my last appointment. I, of course, know this due to the fact that I am now having to pee 17 times per day! For the last week or so, I have been feeling like this baby is looking for a way out - and soon. I asked the baby nicely to hold out all the way until the due date though, so all is good!

Last week, I visited a good friend who had her son just two weeks ago. I had mega baby fever after my visit (good thing since I have one on the way!) Her baby is about the same size that our son was when he was born, but it is soooooo hard trying to remember him ever being that little. 

Today, I had my 34-Week doctor appointment. I had my little buddy with me again. We have a routine by now (playing with the toys and arranging the kid stools in a particular manner) and he definitely knows all of the nurses and doctors by now. 

34-Week Bumpdate

I told the doctor that I was feeling a lot of movement and pressure over the past week, and was pretty sure this baby was looking for an early escape. He did investigate my concerns and let me know that NOTHING was appearing to be happening at the moment. Music to my ears! Stay in there, little one! 

34 Weeks Pregnant With My First

34 Weeks Pregnant

34 Weeks Pregnant With My Second

What it's like to be 34 weeks pregnant. 34 Week Bumpdate. 34 weeks pregnant with a toddler.

Weight Gain: At 30 weeks, I had gained 24 lbs. At 32 weeks, I was up 27 lbs. Now, at 34 weeks, I am up a full 30 lbs. 

Cravings: Pretzels. Preferably those flat ones. But the sticks will do in a pinch. 

Baby's Movement: So much movement. The baby has flipped to the head-down position, so now I am feeling lots of upwards kicks into the ribs. 

Workouts: Still going strong at Barre at 34 weeks. Although, I am sorer than ever after workouts these days! 

Swelling: I'm happy to report that I still have ankles! This is the week that all the edema madness began with my first.  Stay away, edema, stay away

Stretch Marks: None yet! Still oiling away

Preparation: I'ver purchased a few things for the new baby. Since we don't know the baby's sex, I have picked up a few things for both a boy or a girl. I kept all my receipts - I need to buy just a few things or else I'll explode! 

I Just Couldn't Pass These Girly Things Up!

Preparing for a baby girl. 34 Week Bumpdate.

Gearing Up For A Sweet Baby Boy!

Preparing to have a baby boy. Shopping for a baby boy.

Sleep: Sleeping is so hard. I have restless leg syndrome as I move forward in this pregnancy. I've tried the bar of soap under the sheets - no go! I want to lay on my stomach so badly, and this only intensifies my restless legs. 

The House: No house yet. But coming along well!

After our appointment today, we stopped by the house to visit the Masons (Dad and Grandpa!)! This is my son's favorite thing to do!! 


So far, so good! Moving right into the holidays, big and pregnant! I am so stoked for WINE come Christmas time!!


36-Week Bumpdate

36-Week Bumpdate

32-Week Bumpdate

32-Week Bumpdate