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39-Week Bumpdate

39-Week Bumpdate

How To Prepare For Baby In Those Final Days Of Pregnancy. 39-week Bumpdate

How To Prepare For Baby In Those Final Days Of Pregnancy

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On Saturday night, at my company's Christmas Party, I really thought we would be headed to the hospital after dinner. There were contractions - lots of them.  It was the same exact feeling that I was having right before my water broke with my son during my first pregnancy. 

I have heard that things can happen faster with a second pregnancy. We scooted right after dinner and headed home to pack the car. Mike put the infant car seat in, and I had my hospital bag packed and ready to go. I thought about calling triage, just to get their opinion, and then, things started to slow down. 

All of a sudden, the contractions were gone. I fell asleep and woke up the following day feeling nothing. I started to read up on Braxton Hicks Contractions and determined that it was a serious case of false labor that I was experiencing. THAT was a close one! Have I mentioned that I still have so much to do before this baby arrives?!

One thing that we were able to check off our to-do list this week was to set up a few pieces of crucial baby gear that we think we will need for when our little arrives. Our micro-nursery is ready, complete with pack-and-play for sleep, baby swing, and baby bouncer. And a bunny playmat, of course! The rock-and-play is upstairs, as are a few other baby goodies. 

Our Micro-Nursery

Creating a Micro-Nursery. How To Prepare For Baby In Those Final Days Of Pregnancy.

I've also been working on perfecting my mom look. Not that moms have a look. It's just that this mom does, and it's all about being cozy and comfortable. A comfortable nursing robe and pajamas from Belabumbum, nursing bras from Belabumbum, glasses, and a mom bun to complete my look. This will surely be my go-to for my upcoming maternity leave! If I am going to be sleep-less and busy juggling an active toddler and a newborn, I am going to do it in clothing designed for us new moms. 

Belabumbum Nursing Robe and Pajamas 

How To Prepare For Baby In Those Final Days Of Pregnancy. #belabumbum #sponsored
Belabumbum nursing bra. Best nursing gear for new moms. #sponsored #belabumbum #nursingbra

I had my 39-week appointment and the doctor confirmed that nothing was going on. He does not foresee this baby coming anytime very soon. I obviously know that anything can happen between now and birth day, but we started to talk about a possible induction between weeks 41-42. I cannot imagine being THAT pregnant, but if it comes to that, this pregnancy will officially be completely different from my first. This is no surprise though since from the beginning I've been politely asking this baby to stay in for as long as possible while mommy mentally prepares. 

I do have concerns about having a 10-pound baby if I actually make it to week 41-42. My son was just over 7 pounds when born during week 38. Week 41.5 could potentially yield a 10-pound newborn. I know, people do it every day. It just sounds like a whole lotta baby! 

Weight Gain: At 30 weeks, I had gained 24 lbs. At 32 weeks, I was up 27 lbs. At 34 weeks, I was up 30 lbs. At 36 weeks, I was up 32 lbs. At 38 weeks, I was up 35 lbs. And now, at week 39, I am up 38 lbs. I gained 47 lbs during my first pregnancy, but most of that was water weight. I do not have the swelling this time, so this is strictly ice cream and pretzels. 

Cravings: This week, it's horseradish cheddar cheese. Only the best! 

Baby's Movement: The sweet baby kicks have turned into nightly boxing matches. 

Workouts: I did two barre classes this weekend and hope to get in two more during this week. I still love going to barre since the workouts that I select are strenth-based and not cardio-based. 

Stretch Marks: None yet! Still oiling away! But how much longer can my skin hold out?! 

Preparation: The Micro-nursery is complete, and my new mommy wardrobe is washed and ready to go! 

Sleep: I've been sleeping much better than I was a few weeks ago, but I am beyond tired during the day since cutting out coffee four weeks ago. I could take a nap anytime anywhere these days!

From here on out until the baby arrives, it's just one big waiting game! How, when, and where this is all going to go down remains a mystery, which is part of the fun an suspense of being very pregnant. And of course, I am still dying to know if this baby is a boy or a girl!!

How To Prepare For Baby In Those Final Days Of Pregnancy
40-Week Bumpdate

40-Week Bumpdate

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PSA For Your Skin - Get Your Moles Checked