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Bye Bye Baby

Bye Bye Baby

What To Do When Your Baby Grows Up Too Fast

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How did this happen? How did my baby grow up so fast….again?! After allowing this to happen with my first born, I told myself that I would not allow time to fly by like it had in the past. But lo and behold, it did.

As I reflect, it seems as though my daughter went from a snuggly newborn to a wild 14 month old overnight. She now scales the dishwasher regularly and can get from one end of a room to another in 2.5 seconds. She understands a lot of what we say to her, although is not yet at the point where she can talk back.

I was asked today if we were done at two babies. I cannot answer that question for certain, but most days, it seems as if two children is a perfect number. But on other days, it’s fun to imagine what a little sister or brother for one of my kids would look like.

In the interim, I have found a way to help document those daily moments so that I can reflect back on them over the years. I pick up a One Line Per Day journal, which is a journal that leaves you a couple of lines to write about one thing that happened during that day.

Every day, I jot down one big or little event that happened on a given day. This book will take you through five years of life. As the years go by, the book is designed to show you what you did and experienced in the years prior. It doesn’t matter what day of the year you start this book on, you will be able to cycle through five full years of use.

Easy ways to document the daily moments with your kids. How to keep track of all your kids milestones and things they say. Journals for busy moms.

One Line Per Day is not meant to capture every little details, just one detail per day to help tell the story of your life. I have not yet completed one year of journaling, but I can’t wait to be able to reflect in future years where I was at one give point of time in the past.

Even though my baby is growing up fast, I am doing the best that I can to savor the moments. The best way that I have found to savor them, is to jot them down so that I will never forget them. My kids will love to reflect on this journal one day to see the fun things that they were doing during these young years of their life.

Keep the memories coming, kids!

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