Happy Father's Day To All The Dads Today!

We Have Some News!

It's happening! Our family is about to get bigger, and we are so very excited about it! 

Things we know right now:

1) Baby G is due in December! 

2) Our son is not quite ready to give up his OC status. Says he will always be the "OG". 

3) That you really do show sooner with the second.....

Things we won't know until December:

1) If I will have dodged the edema bullet

2) If we will be bringing Baby G home to my parent's basement or our new home

3) If Baby G will be wearing pink or blue home from the hospital.

With our first born, we knew we would be bringing home a sweet little boy. But with this little nugget, we are going to wait until he is fully cooked and in this world to see if he is a he, or he is a she! Hey - I'm a boy mom, "he" is the only pronoun I know! 

Happy Father's Day to All the Dads today! You have a BIG job, you deserve a day of relaxation! But just one, let's not get crazy now! 

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