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How To Make The Most Of Being Mentally "In The Zone"

How To Make The Most Of Being Mentally "In The Zone"

How To Simplify Meal Planning and Prep. Making lunches for the week. Chicken salad lunch ideas. Losing weight after pregnancy. #sponsored #Fit4Mom #bodyback

Fit4Mom Body Back Week 2 Recap

The following post is sponsored by Fit4Mom and is all about my journey in their Body Back program. All words and experiences are my own. Thank you for reading!

This week was the start of Week 3 of my Body Back program through Fit4Mom. Week 2 was GREAT. I feel that I am living "in the zone". My fitness and health goals are in clear view and I am determined to take the time and put in the effort that is required to hit these goals. 

This involved meal prep that took me about five hours yesterday. Not five hours straight (I had the kids, hellooooo!), but five hours on and off. I was able to prepare lunches for this week, as well as dinner last night, and breakfast for today. I was also able to cut and chop veggies that will be used in this week’s meals, making meal prep later in the week easier on my schedule. 

We had our weigh-ins in class, and I am so very happy to see the needle on the scale moving. It's not all about the numbers, but this is one quantifiable way to see that the program is working. I started out at 136.8 pounds two full weeks ago. My weight last week was 133.4, and my weight this week is 131.0 pounds. That is a 5.8 pound change in just two weeks of clean eating from the Body Back meal plan. 

Seeing Results After Two Weeks Of Fit4Mom Body Back Program

Weight Loss After A Second Pregnancy. Being on a fitness journey. Working with Fit4Mom to get my body back. #Sponsored #Fit4Mom #bodyback

While this has taken a lot of work in terms of meal prep, it's energy well-spent. If I wasn't preparing all my meals like I have been, I would be mentally stressing about food in other ways. It's a huge weight off my working-mom shoulders to have all my meals written down on paper at the start of the week. That alone greatly increases my chances of sticking to home-prepped, healthy meals. 

One thing that I have actively been trying to work on is closing the window during which I eat in a given day. Typically in the past, I would eat from 7 a.m.-9 p.m. This is a very long window, and I often feel like eating first thing in the morning just makes me want to eat more and more during the day. I've been leveraging my strength in the morning by delaying my first meal by 4-6 hours after I wake up (I wake up at 6 am). I have found that narrowing my eating window has greatly helped for me to keep the quantity of food that I eat on a given day to a manageable level. 

Tuna Melts From The Body Back Meal Plan

How To Simplify Meal Planning and Prep. Making lunches for the week. Tuna Melt lunch ideas. Losing weight after pregnancy. #sponsored #Fit4Mom #bodyback #tuna #melt

I also have been cutting off my food intake at around 7:30 p.m., and I have been eating less fruit. While it's kind of sad to reduce fruit intake by so much, the half watermelons that I was eating in a one sitting, or 6 oranges + 4 apples, was slightly high in natural sugars. I love to eat fruit, but it's not filling for me and it often makes me even hungrier. 

As we move into Week 3, my focus is going to remain on my workouts and meal planning. I am running a 5K at the end of this week which I am excited about. I plan to work out on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, anything from a run to a quick 23 minutes workout that Fit4Mom provides us with. 

My husband has been enjoying all the meals as well. We have been eating at our kitchen table more and more since starting Body Back. I love this tradition, and want to see it continue as we move through life. 

I hope to drop another two pounds while in Week 3. My clothing is fitting better and better each day (it was on the tighter side since I haven't purchased much since having my second baby). The group of moms in my Body Back session have been so very encouraging on this health journey. We are all supportive of one another, and I am thankful to have them by my side for this session of Body Back. We got this!

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