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The F*** Slide - What Did I Just See?!

The F*** Slide - What Did I Just See?!

One of my son's favorite things to do is to go to the park. If it's a nice day out, we are often there two times in one day. But the park keeps him entertained for hours - so I don't mind spending half our lives traveling from community park to community park. 

He loves to climb, swing, and of course, slide! 

Now, every once in a while, the tube slide at one particular park would have something wrong with it. One time, there was a pile of fire crackers in the slide that had been blown off. Another time, there were beer cans left behind from a tube slide party. It occurred to me that this giant tube slide was an optimal place for teenagers to hang out in - which I know is true since I would often see teenagers jump out of the slide and run away as fast as they could as we approached the park.

So weird. I can only imagine the things that take place in this giant tube slide. 

Well, one day, I did not have to imagine any more. 

The F*** Slide

The F**** slide at our local park. This slide had to go!

WTF did I just see?! I was horrified! Something told me that this slide had earned its nick name. Teenagers are wayyyyyyy too unoriginal to make this stuff up. 

It is nearly impossible to take my son to this park and to keep him off of this slide. The tallest slide at any park is always a challenge for him. He bolts right to the top and then spirals down. I had enough of The F*** Slide. Beer cans and firecrackers were one thing. But this?! GROSS.

I went onto the village website where there was only one email available. It was the email address of the town's police chief. I hammered out an aggravated, concerned parent email and clicked "send". Picture of The F*** Slide included.

To my surprise, I got an email back the next day! He said that next time I should call 911 to get immediate attention to any "incidents", since he is not always available to respond to emails right away. He also said that he was forwarding on my email to another department. I did not mind the one day delay. But I can't really fathom calling 911 for sharpie on a slide! It's kind of reassuring to know that we live in a town where the cops wouldn't 100% blow off an offending sharpie call though (hopefully there is never too much serious crime going on in our community that our police force needs to attend to!).

The day after his first email, I received ANOTHER email. This one blew my mind! 

“Ms. **********, 
I have been notified by the Director of Parks and Rec that a new “open” slide has been ordered and will be installed in 4-6 weeks.”

I was SHOCKED! I screen shot this email and sent it to my friends who I had gone on a slide text rampage with. Now, I don't actually think my one email cause this order to be placed. This all happened too quickly for that. I am sure the town has been having issues with this slide for months! I was so relieved to hear there was going to be a new, open-configuration slide installed before summer. 

And naturally, we were at the park on demo day! Bye Bye, F*** Slide!

F*** Slide demo day

Who knew that we needed to worry about teenagers having sex in tube slides!
New slide at a park being installed

Here it is! It still needs to be inspected, but we are ready to go for summer!

The moral of the story is that if there is something in your community that is bothering you, take action! There is a good chance that you will receive a positive response! 

New Slide! 

New slide installed at local community park
You probably didn't know that this issue with tube slides needed to be on your radar. Watch out for this at your local parks that have tube slides.
A tale of one mother's success of making a small difference in her community.
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