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You can call me Steph. I’m so glad you’re visiting my site today. I’m here to live my best life, and to inspire you to do the same. Let’s jump right in…

Seven Years Ago Today....

Our Wedding

It's hard to believe that my husband and I took that walk down the aisle seven long years ago. Where has the time gone?! A lot has happened in those seven years. We've experienced job changes, graduations, a home sale, and 1.5 children in that amount of time. Speaking of 1.5 children, we are well on our way to a full 2, as today marks the first day of my third trimester. Now, for a walk down memory lane...

We Took Engagement Photos 

Engagement photos from seven years ago.

It seemed as though everyone was having engagement photos taken, and we JUST COULDN'T miss our opportunity! Engagement photos are now the first thing that I always recommend couples cut out of their budget in order to make room for other things!

Wedding Shower Time! 

Wedding Shower Photos

We had our shower at Gibson's, which was AHHHHHHHMAZING. Turned out nicer than the wedding - no joke! Both were a blast though, of course! 

THE Wedding!

Our Wedding

The day flew by. It was an awesome experience being surrounded by all our friends and family on this day. MEMORIES! 

Our Wedding

Party Time!

Our Wedding

Honeymoon In Greece - Santorini 

Greek Honeymoon

One week after we left Greece, the rioting got so intense that most tourist destinations were closed for a period of time. One month after our wedding, the dress store where I got my dress (Eva's Bridal) burned to the ground and all the brides lost their dresses. Four months after our wedding, our venue closed. I'd say we had everything wrapped up just in the nick of time! 

Our First Born Was Brought Home

Our First Born

After spending weeks on Pet Finder, we found this little brown pup who needed a home. We took a 10 hour round trip drive to pick her up, and knew that she was a keeper right away! 

Cabo x3

Cabo Vacay

This one time, we went to Cabo three times in one year. We first went with friends, then sat in on one of those timeshare presentations while we were there. You know, the ones where you should never go on?! Where they give you too much free food and beer? Well, thank goodness we didn't BUY a timeshare, but we did buy one trip back. And then our good friends had their wedding in Cabo six months after that. Boom, Cabo three times in one year. 

Announced We Were Preg With A Baby Girl

Baby Girl Announcement

Whoops! As most of you know, the ultrasound tech was wrong. 

Announced We Were Having A Baby BOY

Baby Boy Pregnancy Announcement

Ding ding ding! And a baby boy he was indeed. 

Built The Perfect Nursery

Building The Perfect Nursery

Had A Fab Baby Shower

Baby Shower Photo

Maternity Photos Duhhhh

Maternity Photos

Brought a Sweet Boy Home From The Hospital

Father Son Hospital Photos

 Celebrated Milestones 

Celebrating Milestones

Sold Our Home

Selling Our Home

Ellen Sent Us To The WS

Ellen Sent Us To The World Series

Found Out We Were Having A Second!

Second Pregnancy Announcement

Decided We Should Move Out Of My Parent's House

Breaking Ground

12 Weeks To Go!

Building a new home

And this is where we stand today! Just 12 weeks until our second born is here. I am pretty sure we will not be moved in by the time our baby arrives, but it is wild to look back on all that has happened in just seven short years. I cannot wait to see what the next seven hold, and many many more! Cheers to the hubs, for helping to make all of this possible! Love you!

Would You Be Willing To Do Anything For......

Would You Be Willing To Do Anything For......

Breast Milk Facial - Oh Yes I Did!

Breast Milk Facial - Oh Yes I Did!