Summer Essentials For Fun In The Sun

Add These Items To Your Summer Essentials List!

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Summer is finally in full swing. I'm a believer that summer is the best season that the Midwest has to offer. Fall can be pretty great too, but summer is where it is at. Our lake house has been open for months now, and we are finally in a routine where we know exactly what we need to pack in order to have guarenteed fun in the sun. 

1) A Great Swimsuit:

I have recently purged all of my old swimwear from my 20's and went on a quest to find a couple of great fitting swimsuits that fit well. When I was searching for these swimsuits, I came across Seea, and I am so glad that I did. You can see their entire collection on, and they are also sold at Anthropology. I had to have the Lido One Piece Oasis - as we all know, one pieces are in! 

Seea Swimwear - Summer Essentials For Fun In The Sun - First Thyme Mom
Seea Swimwear - Summer Essentials For Fun In The Sun - First Thyme Mom

The fabric of this swimsuit is unlike any bathing suit I have ever owned. It is their buttery soft C-Skin material, which feels like a 0.5mm neoprene, but it is actually a polyester/spandex blend that breathes easily and holds everything in. This suit has great support and is so perfect for my growing belly

Summer Essentials For Fun In The Sun - First Thyme Mom

2) Rash Guard To Protect From The Sun: 

When we are at the lake, there are often days that we are outside ALL day. I am contantly coming at Theo with a sunscreen refresh. Seea also makes suits for kids! This Swamini Kids Rash Guard has been a lifesaver. It covers his arms, shoulders, torso, and most of his legs. I love that this suit can offer added protection for long days in the sun. And, it is absolutely adorable. 

Seea Swimwear - Summer Essentials For Fun In The Sun

Theo has a size 2/3, and it fits him wonderfully for being the stocky toddler that he is. There is room to grow for him in this suit. I love that the print works for both boys and girls. If our second child end up being a girl, this rash guard can be passed down to her when the time comes. Seea swimear is made in sunny California - they know what people crave in terms of protection, style, and materials! 

3. Raw Elements Sunscreen

I love that this sunscreen is made from organic, all natural products. The whole family uses this sun protection when out in the sun. I love the thickness of the Eco Form Sunscreen. And my son loves to put on the Raw Elements sunscreen stick himself. "Mama, I do it!"

Raw Elements - Summer Essentials For Fun In The Sun

Raw Elements focuses on sustainability, responsibility, and education. The lotions are water resistant and reef-safe. Don't forget to reapply every 80-90 minutes! 

4) A Good Book To Read

Summer Essentials For Fun In The Sun

I don't get to read as often as I would like to, but when I do read, I often make it a book that has come highly recommended. We are currently building a new home, and I am looking to learn some organizational skills. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up was a perfect read. I learned so much from this book at I cannot wait to get organized. I have major closet goals after this read!  

I have since recommended this book to all of my friends. My one friend purged 18 garbage bags full of her own clothing in two days. If it doesn't spark joy, discard! This book is an excellent read for anyone looking for a refresh in their life. 

5) Life Vest and Eye Protection For Your Baby: 

Summer Essentials For Fun In The Sun

Theo is on a boat with his Grandpa as I write this post. Not only is a life vest a good idea, but it is the law on our lake. This Speedo Vest gives me a piece of mind - if for some reason he were to go overboard, he would float! He had a Speedo Vest as an infant, and now he is in one size up

We have two favorite pairs of sunglasses. These sunglasses are perfect for kids his age because they can stand up to all the bending and flexing that kids put them through. Real Shades come in so many different colors and styles and Babiators (above) are too cute for words!  

6) A Summer Beach Tote:

Summer Essentials For Fun In The Sun

This Moss & Marsh Carry-All bag is perfect for holding all of our summer essentials. This double canvas layer bag is deep and holds all that we need when out and about. 

There you have it! Those are our summer essentials that we consider must-haves! Enjoy the sun now because as always, once winter rolls around, we will be longing for the dog days of summer once again! 

7) Travel Gear: 

Summer Essentials For Fun In The Sun - First Thyme Mom

In order to quickly be able to get on the road to our summer destination on Fridays, we need to travel light. We have several pre-packed travel items such as this Boon TRIP Travel Drying Rack and these travel snack cups for meals on the go. Being prepared for weekend trips and packing as light as possible can ensure a quick escape from the grind - we often find ourselves on the road to summer fun within an hour of leaving the office on Friday. 

Summer Essentials For Fun In The Sun - First Thyme Mom
Summer Essentials For Fun In The Sun