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Can You Identify the Iconic French Fries or Side From These 10 Popular Restaurants?

Can You Identify the Iconic French Fries or Side From These 10 Popular Restaurants?


When I was pregnant, my ultimate pregnancy craving was french fries. I had my favorites, but in a pinch, any of these iconic fries and sides would hit the spot. How solid is your fry knowledge? Can you identify which restaurants offer these popular taters, twists, and rings? 

These brands have gone through great lengths to produce a product that is consistent across their always expanding chains. Many of you are familiar with these products from your childhood. Although ingredient labels have become cleaner, these products still have that same familiar taste from when I was a kid (who occasionally could convince her parents to have a meal out).  

And when I was pregnant? These staples were there for me to cure my low level of nausea that haunted me a bit in my first trimester. 


Do you want a hint to which restaurants are included in this line up? These are popular chains in the good old Midwest, but many of them span across the world. Here is a hint: 


Represented Above: 






Taco Bell

White Castle


Burger King



How many were you able to get correct? I am sure many of you can identify at least half of these sweet and salty faves. 


1. Portillo's 

2. Wendy's

3. Culver's 

4. Arby's Curly Fries

5. Chick-Fil-A Waffle Fries

6. White Castle Onion Rings

7. Sonic Tots

8. McDonald's

9. Burger King

10. Taco Bell

My husband scored an 80%. He is quite proud of that score. Before I had him do this quiz, he opened this new tee from me that had his name all over it. AmIRight?!


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