So, you're having a baby. This is an extremely exciting time in any parents life! In most areas around the country, it is customary to throw a baby shower for parents who are having their first child. As the future new parent, you are tasked to pre-select everything that you THINK you will eventually need an use for your baby. Even if you have friends or family with babies, tackling the registration process can be overwhelming. 

When you are registering for a wedding, you pretty much know what all of the kitchen and home things do or are capable of doing. If you want a coffee pot, you know you are going to have several to choose from. But you at least know what a coffee pot is for. When it comes to baby stuff, you are about to enter a world of words that you have never heard before: Boppy, Ergo, MamaRoo Nuk, Sophie, Halo, Bumbo.....the list goes on and on! Step one is usually to google "what is a boppy?". At least with wedding registry, there's a good chance you already know what a "Keurig" or "Mr. Coffee" is. 

We found out at 20 weeks that were were having a boy. After we found out this good news, off to the store we went! Overall, I wanted to have a gender neutral theme when it came to nursery decor. Beyond nursery decor, I was not really sure what we needed. But after being a First Time Mom for 18 months now, I'm basically a bonafide baby product expert. That might be a stretch, but I can say I know a lot more about the various products available to new parents compared to prior to the arrival of our son.

The following are some of my most favorite baby items of all time - I would consider these MUSTS for any new parents. 

Gear and Travel: 

Swing: The 4Moms Mamaroo was a life saver. At first, I did not think my son liked this swing. Initially, I was putting him in it when he was crying to try to calm him down. That was not the correct approach. I started to put my happy baby in the MamaRoo, and he would easily swing for 1.5 hours at a time. He also liked the faster swing settings. With the MamaRoo, you can choose different swing patterns, calming sounds, and swing speeds. There is also an iPod hook up so that you can play music from one of your devices. 

Playyard: So many to choose from! We had a few "splurge" items on our list, and this was one of them. The 4Moms Breeze playyard was what my son slept in for the first six months. It has a removable bassinet that was perfect for when he co-slept in our room with us. One of my favorite things would be when he was a little bit older, he would press his face into the mesh sides and make all sorts of funny faces. This playyard was perfect for when I needed to keep him in a safe place for a minute or two while I grabbed laundry out of the dryer or was unloading the dishwasher (since he loved crawling up into the dishwasher!)

Carrier: The ErgoBaby Natural Linen Carrier. There are many prints and styles to choose from, but I love how comfortable this carrier is. I have tried the Bjorn when he was smaller, but the ErgoBaby is far superior. We recently took our son on a vacation to San Diego, and this carrier was a life saver!

Diaper Bag: There are SO many diaper bags to choose from! Ultimately, I decided that I wanted a simple bag. One that didn't even look like a diaper bag. And I wanted one with shoulder straps. My all-time favorite diaper bags are Lily Jade. Lily Jade bags are meant to last you long past your days of toting around diapers and wipes. The red insert is removable, and the bags are large with a lot of room for all of your baby's necessities. I have both the Elizabeth in Black and Red, and the Caroline in Tan and Red. I love that the Elizabeth has a zipper close! Lily Jade has many different designs and styles, and they even offer several of their slightly imperfect bags at a discount

Infant Car Seat: