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Baby Shower Decor

Baby Shower Decor

Last week, a dear friend of mine had her baby shower. Her mom hosted the shower for 70+ guests, and did a fabulous job with the food and decor. My friend is having a baby girl, so her shower looked quite different from my baby boy themed shower. My friend and I both have a very similar story as to how we came to find out the sex of our babes.

First of all, to all of you pregnant women who are determined to find out the gender, don't EVER have your ultrasound tech take a guess before 15 weeks. At that point, you're better off referring to the Chinese gender chart or tying your wedding ring on a string and holding it over your belly. Those methods are probably more accurate than an ultrasound prediction too early on.

My friend was told "you're having a boy!" They were over the moon excited. Their tech showed them what she was seeing, and they could see it too! Their Facebook announcement even gave the subtle clue to friends and family that a baby boy was on the way. Hint: BLUE!

Now, when my husband and I were at our 13 week ultrasound, our tech prefaced by saying that she never takes a guess unless she is very sure of what she was seeing. For us - "You're having a girl!" We were a little less subtle in our "It's a girl!" announcement. I baked pink cupcakes for the family. At week 13, I was passing out pink cupcakes, but at week 20, it was a completely different themed dessert!

My friend also found out at her 20 week ultrasound that they were, in fact, having a girl. So see what I mean?! It happens all too often that the tech is wrong. Next time around, we fully intend to not find out the sex. However, it was super fun knowing what we were having the first time around for planning purposes.

Once my friend had confirmation that she was having a girl, her mom began planning her shower decor. Everything was done to the nines. There was not any gender neutrality at this shower! All the details were meticulously thought out.

Yes, that is a baby shoe cake! This baby girl already has quite the shoe collection!

And how about this display cabinet? Does this look familiar to anyone? You may have seen it here!

Everything was beautiful, and oh-so girly! We all had so much fun celebrating this momma-to-be!

I had two amazing showers - one thrown by my mother and MIL, and another thrown by my coworkers. I had my first shower when I was 32 weeks pregnant. Thank goodness I didn't wait much longer than that, because by week 34, my edema had become full-blown and I was uncomfortable 100% of the day. But at my shower, despite the fact that we had record humidity on that June day, I felt great!

When It came to picking out an outfit to wear for the shower, I had to order several dresses and have them sent to the house. Many stores offer maternity wear online, but not in-store. In the end, the outfit that I chose was not even "maternity" wear. I went with a pale blue skirt (which I pulled up over my bump) and a white crop top from Aritzia.

One request that I had for my shower was that there was a dessert table. My family nailed it!

My mother-in-law loves arranging flowers. She does a fabulous job. For our shower, she did blue and white hydrangeas.

For part of the decor, my aunt spray painted a Christmas decoration that she had. This giant blue bear was hilarious! The bear ended up making an appearance at another party of ours, after going through a mega transformation.

My sister-in-law makes amazing diaper cakes. We ended up utilizing every piece of this "cake". Adorable AND functional!

My sister hand-poured 60 scented candles for our shower. They were a perfect favor for our guests!

One of the games that we had involved name suggestions. Even with the help, we did not settle on a name for our son until one day after he was born. Naming your baby is so hard!

My mom and MIL co-hosted our shower. It took place at a local restaurant in our town. My husband and I were blown away with all of the shower details and the generosity of our family and friends!

A few weeks later, my coworkers organized an adorable after-work dinner shower. How cute are these Baby Theo plants?!

And our resident baker made the most delicious baby blue cake pops!

I could not ask for a better group of coworkers!

I, personally, love a good shower. I love the decor, food, dessert, seeing the person open their gifts, and of course, the socialization aspect. Whether you're having a girl, a boy, or a surprise, the most fun part of it all is being surrounded by the ones who love you most. Cheers to babies!







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