Lake House Decor

Construction finished on our new family lake house a few years ago. However, we never got around to those final touches until last summer. Right before my son was born, I got this intense drive to "finish" the lake house. It needed art work and our main living room needed some flair. So off to Home Goods I went, and my husband was tasked with the creation of a knotty pine wood wall.

First of all, this is how pregnant I was when this all went down. I was about 34 weeks. The need to nest is real!


This next photo is of our first floor bathroom. Everything is great about this room, but it is definitely lacking some decor. Wouldn't you agree?

This is the after! A couple of wall hangings and then a little plant to brighten things up.

This next bathroom is the main bathroom on the second floor. It had the same thing going on as the first floor bathroom. Nice, but plain-jane!

We put up a new mirror, the faux flower garden, and a little wall art. Perfect!

This next room is our dining area. We found a guy to make this amazing barn wood table. But once again, these walls were looking quite plain! They were crying for a face-lift! You can see the laser level in this photo - my husband is a leveling perfectionist! The top photo is the before, and the bottom is the after. It helps to clean off the table as well!

This next room needed a major make over - stat! Look at all those TV cords! What a mess! My husband and I were in Ikea and got the idea to do a knotty pine wood wall. Mike had already mastered the wood wall technique in the nursery, so this wall was a breeze!

Living Room BEFORE. What an electrical cord mess!

Living Room BEFORE. What an electrical cord mess!

Laser level again! We stained the pine in advance. We used a white stain to get this look.

Below is the finished product. The door above the television is a door from our old lake house. The TV stand is from Ikea, and the white coffee table is an old table that we stained with the same stain use on the knotty pine wall. And best of all, no more TV cords!

And lastly, the wooden whale. And that completes our lake house makeover!