Choosing a Front Door For a New Home

How hard could choosing a front door be? Wellllllll, turns out, it's hard!! When building a house, you have the opportunity to select everything. This can be awesome, and challenging. My husband, once again, is able to visualize EVERYTHING. He can easily pick out a front door from a catalog. I, on the other hand, need to SEE the doors. When it came to choosing a front door for our new home, this is the first picture that my husband sent to me. 

Door disappointment 

Choosing a Front Door For a New Home

I was immediately disappointed. This door was the saddest looking door I have ever seen. I could not for the life of me envision this on our house. Mike then sent me this door: 

This front door was more my style, initially 

Choosing a Front Door For a New Home

This is when I began to pin all my front door dreams. There are a ton of cool designs out there. Our front door will not have the side panels like below, but it is going to be an eight-foot door. I had to go into a door store to actually see what this type of door looked like. I was shocked and delighted to see how tall an eight-foot door actually is. It's a BIG door! 

On the door below, I love these windows

Gorgeous wooden door with film window mirrors

Rustic knotty door with fewer windows 

So, in the end (which is comical), we ended up choosing a door very similar to the boring door in my first above picture. I have learned that in an eight-foot form, this door is actually pretty cool. We decided ultimately that we wanted to go with a solid wood door, and we will dress it up with hardware. Our door will look similar to this door: 

Our front door

Choosing a Front Door For a New Home

We liked the doors with the glass, but decided actually too much glass. Solid wood is the way to go for us! 

Doors are complicated - and wow they can be costly as well. Glass and hardware can really boost the price tag. But in the end, it is a front door, which can make a big statement for your new home.  Go with what you like the best, and one that fits the style of your house. And definitly go to various door stores to get a feel and vibe for each different type of door. You might be shocked that something you might not have liked initially in a photo, is the one you end up going with after you see it!