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How To Maximize An Opportunity For A Fresh Start

How To Maximize An Opportunity For A Fresh Start

How To Maximize An Opportunity For A Fresh Start

How Purging Your Belongings Can Create Calm, Order, and Peace Within Your Home And Mind

The following post contains an Amazon Affiliate link to the book "The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up", which has become my inspiration for our home. This means that I receive a small commission from sales that result from this post. Thank you for reading!

At the start of every New Year, most of us embrace the opportunity for a fresh start. It is customary to make resolutions or goals that we feel will help make our lives better. Lose weight, eat better, quit smoking, get organized, save more money, read more books...the list is endless for goals that people enjoy making for themselves. As we know, many of these resolutions start off with the best intentions, but before we know it, the year is in full-swing and resolutions get moved to the back burner. 

I can feel the enormity of the fresh start opportunity that is dangling in front of me. We are about to move into a new house. This is it. This is my opportunity to reset my/our life. What do I mean by this? I have many organizational shortcomings that I am determined to overcome. For those who have lived with me, which have been 17 wonderful humans within the past 15 years (you guys know who you are!) they know what an understatement the above is. 

I'm a chronic mess-maker. A wife who needs to be reminded by my husband to pick up after herself. I am not the nagger, I am the one who needs the nagging. Growing up, I was the kid who had the messiest room on the block. This has carried with me into my adult life. But that stops here. I need to change my ways, and now is the time. 

One of the most inspiring books that I have read, and that I am now re-reading is The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. After I read this book, I told everyone how insightful the book's philosophy is from the fabulous author, Marie Kondo. Three of my friends read it immediately and then purged their belongings. The premise of this book is simple. 

1) Tidy your belongings all in one shot. 

2) Only keep things that bring you JOY. True joy. The book goes into great detail about how to do this and what this means. 

So what is my plan? My plan is to only move 25% of our belongings into the new house. Everything else will be donated or sold at a garage sale that I plan to have prior to moving in. Keep in mind, we have already purged so much of our stuff before moving out of our house and into my parent's house. But I want less. I joke that I don't want any of my belongings. Which is kind of true! Many of us don't even know what we own. When I moved out of my parent's house at age 22, my mom went through my room and got rid of almost everything that I owned (I knew she was doing this). I didn't miss anything, and I didn't really even know what it was that she got rid of!

I made an Vision Board in order to help keep me motivated. All the pictures on here mean something different, but these boards are proven to be effective. It's a great practice to keep your goals in front of you, write them down, and visit them often. 

DIY Inspiration Board For Goals.

I do not want to fill up our new house with "things". I'd prefer for it to remain fairly empty for as long as possible. I do not want to fill rooms with furniture just because it is traditional to have two couches, two end tables, two lamps, and a coffee table in a typical "living room" space. I want to create new ways to use functional space in our home for activities that we truly love. I will learn which spaces are more functional than others once we move in. There have been heat maps created that show that most families only spend their time in 20% of their homes. 

My inspiration for the design of our home has been simple: Light and Openness. I vow to myself to not ruin this aesthetic! The following are several strategies that I have for staying on track with my goal:

Ideas To Help Keep A Tidy Home

1) Add to Vision Board as I find inspiring images.

Focus on organization. Focus focus focus! 

2) Create a laundry station. 

I found the coolest laundry cart that I am going to use to get our laundry from point A to B within our home. More on this later! 

3) Have a kitchen sink without a drying basin. 

A drying basin is merely a place for me to stack dishes until their next use. It looks so cluttered in my home! Without one, I will need to dry dishes by towel and immediately put them away.

4) No small toy bins. 

My son sees a bin and wants to dump it. Dump and run, so I call it. He never plays with the toys after he makes a mess! Why is this?! Our playroom will have toy chests that cannot be dumped!

5) No furniture with removable pillows. 

Our couches are in a current state of chaos. Our son loves to throw the cushions all over the place, or get behind them and kick them off the couch. I cannot keep up with constantly putting the couches back together. So, in the new house, no pillows or easily removable back support cushions!  

6) Induction Cooktop Instead of Gas Burners

I have found it impossible to keep a gas stove clean. We ended up going with an induction cooktop in our kitchen simply for easier clean-up reasons. One wipe and I'll be good to go! No more heavy burners and grates to navigate around! 

This is just a start. There are many other tips and tricks that I have for myself to help keep the house somewhat in order. I have big goals, and I am determined to make them work for us. I cannot wait to prove to myself that I can maximize this opportunity for a fresh start. Here's to the new me! 

How To Maximize An Opportunity For A Fresh Start






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