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The Final Details - Wrapping Up Construction!

The Final Details - Wrapping Up Construction!

The final details of building a home.

Our home has been actively under construction for eight months now. We are finally in the home stretch, and moving out of my parents is looking like more of a reality for the future. It has been a lot of fun watching our vision come together over the last several weeks. It's been especially fun for me seeing our finishes being installed - this is what I've been looking forward to for 2.5 years now! Who knew it would take so long for project lift-off and construction?! I'll tell you who knew - my mom. She has always been right!

In that time, so much has happened. Our son has grown into a bubbly, talkative, energetic toddler. We also welcomed our daughter into the world. Moving is going to be a huge change for our son. He is VERY attached to my parents and it is going to be difficult to explain to him why they don't live with us. I already told my parents that we are going to have to ease him into this. They can start by coming over every night to hang with him. Then they can go to six nights, five nights, four, three, two, and then one day per week. This seven-week transition is the only way!

Choosing a Black Splash

In the very last stages of construction, we are putting in a kitchen backsplash, painting, and having the floors finished. Then, that's it! Well, that's it on the inside. Mike is still working diligently on the outside.

We had a major painting FAIL last week. I am so thankful Mike never quit on the jobs that he took on for the house. Last week, I threw in the towel on the painting. I had so much help from our family, but the job was just too complex for us. We had to call in the pros. I would have been painting trim until I was 40 years old if I did not give up now! I've come to realize that I am not a good painter, and I was very very slow (and messy!)

Now that all of our lights, fans, sinks, countertops, and faucets have been installed, the house looks more like a home! 

Designing a master bedroom.
Toddler boy bedroom design.
Second Floor Bathroom Design
Master bathroom design

Our Helper!

Master bathroom shower design.

It would be wonderful to be moved in before my maternity leave ends. And I know Mike is ready for a break from working two full-time jobs for the last several months! Side note - Mike is so skinny after working this much. He has lost 25 pounds - I am so jealous! I still have 20 pounds to lose since having our daughter. Maybe if I get out there to help lay some bricks, the rest of the baby weight will melt away! 

Salvaged Toilets - How To Give Your Toilet a New Look

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Building A New House - The Home Stretch

Building A New House - The Home Stretch