As I was mentioning, I'll be cooking for everyone a few times a week while we are staying with my parents. I am not entirely convinced that my parents eat. Since all of the kids moved out, this has been the state of their fridge. Let not consider the beverages or sauce-type condiments that you see. If you wanted to make yourself a snack or a meal, you would have the following to work with:

Left-over Potato Skins

Chocolate Chips


Olive Oil

Sandwich Thins, and then more sandwich thins in the crisper drawer

Bag of onions



You might think initially that your options here are limited. Not so!

So clearly, if you were hungry, the lowest hanging fruit would be the potato skins. Okay, fine, but once those are gone, then what?

There are more options for breakfast than any other day-part. There is a good amount of sandwich thins available. You could take one of the thins and toast it. Then, slather on that butter.

Since the sandwich thins are round, you can pretend they are pancakes. Throw them on a griddle, butter them up, and then add some of those chocolate chips on top.

IF ONLY there was an egg in the fridge, one could make some sandwich thin french toasts.

Let's move onto lunch (and what is going to have to be dinner, too). Hellooooo butter sandwich. That one is obvious. You can then saute some onions in butter for a side.

There is half a jar of pickles, so you could also easily make a modified form of fried breaded pickles. All you would need to do is stale the sandwich thins, grind them in a food processor, heat up some of that olive oil, coat the pickles, and fry. Yum! *****Update: I've been notified by my mother that the thins in the crisper drawer are already stale. They expired in March. Bonus!

So as you can see, apparently there is a lot to work with in here! I am off to the grocery store now to do what I can to beef up the raw materials that I will have available to make dinner. I will definitely cross the butter off my list, since I think we are all set for eternity.