It is A LOT of work to prepare to sell your house. Those of you who have been in this situation know it all too well. I feel like I have been cleaning, purging, and organizing for weeks and I still do not feel like I have done enough. We have successfully purged about 75% of our belongings, and now, our home is officially on the market.

Last Thursday night, a few hours after our listing went live, my husband and I were doing a final sweep on the house. By final sweep, I mean about 5 more hours of cleaning. Thankfully, my mother-in-law was helping to watch Theo. Before his bedtime, she told me to give him some Tylenol because he had a stuffy nose. I could not find it anywhere, and he ended up waking up five times with mega congestion. The next morning - he had a fever. I could not send him to daycare. I called my family who I thought would possibly be able to help so that I could go to work. My MIL (yes, the same MIL who suggested Tylenol the night before) would take 8-12, and my aunt would take 12-4.

At work around 10:30, I get the text. "Showing at 12:15?" What?! How could this be? We just listed less than 24 hours ago! I put my MIL and aunt on a text stream to see if they thought it would be possible to pull this one off. They were watching my son at my house. I was super panicked because the house was not what I would call "ready to show". But my MIL and aunt are basically professionals at this kind of thing. I don't know how they did it, but they got the house ready with hardly any notice. We then had a second showing at 4. I quickly realized these showings were both exciting and stressful. Especially when we really didn't expect to have any so soon.

Over the weekend, we were away and had a few more showings. It seemed easier to have showings when we were not around. Keeping the house in a perfect state is a task that is completely unnatural to me (and I can only assume many of you, too!). When Monday rolled around, I woke up extra early to make sure everything was in place. I was not going to have another episode like Friday. It was painfully difficult to have every i dotted and t crossed before I walked out the door. I was questioning how long this could possibly go on for!

On Monday night, we received what every home seller dreams of. An offer. We were stoked. We know that we have a long way to go and that anything can happen, but our fingers are crossed and we have a positive outlook. We have lived in our home for several years. It has been an amazing first home. So much has happened in the years that we have lived here!

Mike is a talented carpenter and handy man. Thank goodness because I have always been amazing at dreaming up projects! He finished off our basement over a period of two years. Six years ago, I HAD to have a work out room. Which up until the birth of my son, I used quite frequently. In the past 11.5 months, I have been down there to work out a total of 0 times. Whoops! Mike also finished off the main living space in the basement. It took him many months, but in the end, it all came together.

Mike also created a breakfast nook in our kitchen. This nook has a lot of functional space. Our kitchen is on the smaller side, so he put in benches with storage underneath. That is where I stash all the Costco goods. Costco is amazing, but not so good when you don't have a warehouse the size of theirs to store your haul.

We are lucky enough to have our own bathrooms (not for long though!). All of the sudden, out of the blue one day, Mike re-designed his bathroom. Did he really think that he was going to get away with his Ann Sacks bathroom without possibly having to remodel my bathroom too?? Let's just say, Mike has been very busy with house projects over the last several years!

While my bathroom isn't Ann Sacks, it is Floor and Decor! And I happen to love it! Major improvement for $1,500 (the labor was free, of course!).

When our home was remodeled, an open floor plan was in order. I think we nailed it! Over the years, we have had a lot of fun in our house. We have hosted many parties for family and friends. We have celebrated holidays, birthdays, and of course, Bears games in our house. These below photos were years ago. Half-time calisthenics challenge, anyone?


Our home has an amazing backyard. It is huge and has been perfect for many of our summer BBQs. Mike spent two years building the stone planter that you see around our deck.

But it was worth it with all of the celebrations that we have had at our home!

Mike and I became first-time doggy parents while living in this home!

And then we became parents to Baby Theo, five years later! We had such a fun time planning for his arrival. We spent months on his nursery. I wish so very much that I could take this wood wall with me when we move.

We were ready for him!

This house has been so good to us. And so many amazing things have happened in our lives since moving here. It is bitter sweet listing our house for sale. I wish we could pick up our home and plop it into the school district that we would like to be in. It is exciting though making the change. I cannot wait to make more memories in the new home, but I will always remember all the good times that we've had on Sunset Avenue!