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TIME TO PURGE! We HAD a giant moving sale this weekend. All in all, things went pretty well!

We couldn't have done it without the help of my mom, aunt, sister, and mother in law. Everyone had a role, which was very important for the success of the sale. Garage sales are a TON of work, but they can also be a lot of fun!

There are many different people who will come out for a sale. THANK YOU to everyone for stopping by! The following are 10 common garage sale customers who you may have met at your own sales:

1) The On-A-Mission Shopper: "Do you have any coins? Jewelry? Tools? Photography equipment?" These people know what they want! They are hitting up every sale in town hoping to get lucky in striking it big for something that they treasure. Usually the answer is no, but sometimes, we have what they are looking for!

2) The Shopper Who Can Spot The One Item Not For Sale: "Is that tape gun for sale?" "How about those Sharpies?" "How about that cash box?" No, sir, these are the necessities for hosting a garage sale. These things are not for sale, but the other 1800 items that you see, ARE. And if these things were for sale, would you even be wanting to buy them?! Or are you just asking to ask?!

3) The Mystery Box Shopper: We have found that people cannot resist the urge to dig through a box. I had a big box of stuff listed for 25 cents each. So many people wanted to rummage through it. It must be the allure of the unknown.

4) The Drive Thru Shopper: She slowly pulls up in her car. She notices the fishing poles. She hollers out from the window to ask if they are for sale. She then requests to see them. I oblige. After walking the poles up to the window, I answer a few questions that she has the best I can. After a failed sale, she drives off into the sunset. Now that's full service.

5) The Conversationalist. This is the type of person who is ready to give you their life story. I am often willing to listen for AT LEAST 20 minutes. But after that, I usually need to run to the bathroom, price an item, or move some things around. But don't worry, they will come with you if they still have more talk to give!

6) The Angry Negotiator: "YOU TAKE $2!!!!!" Is that a question, or a demand?!? I'm so confused! This is my stuff (right?!), don't I get to choose what I take?

7) The Repeat Window Shopper: This is the woman who comes back three times in one day. She peruses the sale each time as if it is her first. You sit and wonder if THIS will be the time that she makes a purchase. Most likely, it won't be.

8) The Person With The Peeing Dog: Yes, this person exists! They walked their dog up the driveway, then down the driveway. The dog started sniffing around on the 8x10 Pottery Barn rug. Then, sure enough, Fido peed. Thanks lady. Thanks even more for acknowledging that he peed, and then walking off. I am your neighbor! That was not nice!

9) The Friendly Neighbors: We met the nicest couple and their kids! We chatted for a while, then at the end of the convo we introduced ourselves. Then we said BYE because we are leaving the neighborhood. Funny how we are just meeting this wonderful people just now as we are on our way out!

10) The Paying Customer Who Never Picks Up His Goods: So you have the $7 in hand for the shelf. And he will be back at 5:00 to pick it up. But he never shows. He also doesn't show over the next couple of days. So now, how long are you required to hold the shelf for?!? I still want it gone, but don't want to disappoint him if three Saturday's from now he comes for it and it is gone!

We were able to meet a lot of wonderful people in the neighborhood by having this sale. Word of advice to people who move into a new neighborhood -host a sale! It's a great way to become familiar with those who live on your block. One of the most surprising people who came by was the woman who put the offer in on our house! It was wonderful to meet her. She currently lives only a few blocks away. It was great to put a face with the offer! Okay, now you are all probably wondering how some of the items did in the sale. UPDATES BELOW!

1) 2003's Facebook. This is the peg board. We all had digital cameras, and we all loved taking going-out photos. We would then take our media cards to Walgreens, and upload pictures so that we could have hard copies for our peg boards. It is funny to think that before social media, some of us went through so much work to display photos. UPDATE: SOLD! For one dollar. It took until day two, but throwback Facebook lives on in someone else's home.

2) Everything Juicy Couture. I went through a phase in college where I became obsessed with this brand. People often seem to have a much more difficult time of letting things go when they paid a decent amount of cash for that item. However, in today's day, you can purchase Juicy at Kohl's. Also, after the brand's spike in popularity back in the early 2000's, $100 sweat pants soon became the most sought after product of those between the ages of 12 and 17. I was stoked to see this article in early June, which anticipates a Juicy Couture Suit comeback. Maybe I should hold onto these and the rest of my collection! Nahhhhhhh. UPDATE: NOT sold. Hello!!! People!! These are Von Maur Juicy, not Kohl's Juicy! Ugh. For $3, no takers. 


3) Elfa! I remember the day that my mother announced that she was going to be Elfa-ing our closets. It was time to become an organized family - and she was tired of answering to the over whelming amounts of "I can't find my X!". I have toted around this Elfa 4-draw basket for years now. It has to be 15-20 years old. It was first at my parents house, then it traveled to college with me across the country, then to my apartment in the city, and now it is in my closet at home. It's time to let go. The funny thing is, is that you can still purchase these! I found them here on Amazon. I think I need to re-think my $7 price tag. UPDATE: The moment my mother's eyes landed on this organizer, she called dibs on it. It has gone full circle. I had a feeling this one would end up staying in the family.

4) One of many hobbies. I have taken up many different types of side projects in the past. This is one of them. I thought that I could make a killing on Etsy by scooping up rare finds at the thrift store and then marketing them on my page. These are some of the finds that my mother came across in her thrifting. I never did sell these items, and I've had them for a few years now. This idea was one that fizzled fast. UPDATE: Proof that I would have never been able to retire by age 40 selling "collectibles" on Etsy. Not one single item that you see above sold. Not one!

5) Another hobby! After the Etsy antique phase, I moved to soap making. Mike made me all my soap molds and display cases. I had a woman come to our house to pick up my molds, but I still have this lovely hand-crafted display. This hobby actually was one that lasted. You know, about six months. However, finding your perfect side hobby is a process. Soap making led me to my soap Instagram. Soap Instagram morphed into Mommy/ Life-style Instagram. Instagram led to my blog. And here we are now. UPDATE: I have never put so much effort into trying to sell something than I did with this display case. A guy was looking for a "book shelf", so I took him over to this fabulous, extremely sturdy, one of a kind book shelf. I went down to $9. It was for "his sister". He went to his car, made a call. Came back. Went to his car again. My sister and I sat and wondered if the sale was going to close. Oh the suspense! It did not close. The book shelf will have to go into the next sale.

6) The take-bake item. What was I thinking wanting to sell my corn cob stripper?!?!?!?!?!?! I haven't made roasted corn salad in 6 years, but guess what? I am going to make it next week. Clearly, I need this! UPDATE: I made a roasted corn salad! SEEEEEEEEE! I'm not quite sold on the fact that this tool is 100% necessary. A knife works just fine. But it was definitely more fun to use than a boring knife. 

7) Text books. About 50 of them from a few different programs. I mean, since we have The Google, when would one ever need to refer to a text?! UPDATE: SOLD! A guy purchased the entire box! I was so stoked to have one of the heaviest items GONE!

8) That had-to-have wedding registry item. The Crate and Barrel bagel slicer. Guess how many bagels I've sliced in my day with this ever-so-important tool? Hint: The answer looks like an un-sliced bagel. UPDATE: After three days of being listed at $2, it is now a proven fact that this is truly a worthless invention. Bagel slicing is yet another task that can be done simply with a kitchen knife (or you know, by the Panera employee who offers to slice all your bagels before you leave the store).

9) A gift bag for every occasion. Hoarder alert! I have saved every single gift bag that I have ever received. Name a holiday - I'm sure I have a bag for it. And one in six different sizes. UPDATE: Many sold! I mean, makes sense! Gift bags can sell for well over $3, especially the big ones. At 50 cents per bag, these were a steal! Also, my friend came by, and guess what? She was in need of a birthday bag! I was happy to help. I also had a birthday party that I attended on Saturday, and two of the large bags came in handy. My hoarding must have saved me $10!

10) Never-worn shoes. Because if I had worn these, I would have ended up in crutches. What was I thinking?! UPDATE: Not sold! Probably for good reason!

11) Abercrombie & Fitch Bomber Jacket. This was my all-time favorite piece of outerwear. I wore this for many years. It was my favorite! What am I doing selling this?! Back in the house it goes with the corn stripper! UPDATE: Back in my closet, where it should be! I even found the faux fur that attached to the hood. Contains all original parts!

12) One-of-a-kind custom designs. Are you thinking "Where have these been all my life?" You don't have to say it, I know you are. I've had several admirers, no takers yet. UPDATE: I know that this is shocking - but these did NOT sell. I had imagined a bit of a bidding war taking place on my driveway, but no such luck. Off to the donation center they go!