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Welcome to First Thyme Mom!

I am so glad you popped over to read about little ole me! Now, this is my chance to WOW you and convince you to stay a while! For starters, here are a few phrases that I would use to describe myself:


-Working Mom

-Eternal Entrepreneur

-Dedicated Intrapreneur  

-Eternal Optimist

-Life-Time Learner

-Dreamer, Creator, Visionary

I believe that being positive, alone, can change the world (or at a minimum, YOUR world). I believe in asking for what you need in life, whether that be in your career, from your children, parents, significant other, or anyone else you come into contact with. I believe in, “If you build it, they will come”. I believe that not flossing daily is a surefire way to wreck your beautiful smile, one that likely cost you (or mom and dad) thousands!

So what can I offer to you? From the outside, I may appear to be one of those Insta-bloggers who wants you to believe her family and life are perfect. Well guess what? They are!!! (Please see above…dreamer…eternal optimist…) My life is perfectly imperfect, which is what I truly mean. I am actively working to take my energy and drive and turn it into productive happenings around my home. That starts with organization and living minimalistically - owning less is the ultimate goal. Clear the clutter, clear the mind. Once this happens, the rest is yours.

My Instagram (come on over and follow, you know you want to!) is a place where I project my optimism in hopes to inspire others (because ain’t no one got time for negativity!) I wake up each morning eager to conquer the world (well, my little world, at least!) I am fueled by ideas of women’s empowerment, continuous improvement of one’s self and life, and knowing that we can all grow, adapt, and change for the better.

To answer a big question that I know you have, this blog is called First Thyme Mom because I started it when I became a First Time Mom (mind-blown, right?!) I also clearly identified as a fabulous cook, hence the Thyme in my name. I am just now getting into my cooking grove once again. And despite being a mother of two fabulous and amazing babies, I am keeping the name because I love it so much.

So, how’s that for a bio? One other thing that I forget to tell you is that my ability to spell has been slowly slipping away from me. On this blog, and in my life, I ride or die by the notion, “done is better than perfect”. If we all sat around waiting for perfection before passing go, before taking on the next journey, before reaching for the next dream, none of us would ever go anywhere.

While you are here, I’d love for you to pin a pin, drop a comment, give me a follow on Pinterest or Instagram, but mostly, I want you to have fun and share in my excitement of all the possibilities that this life holds for each of us.

Thank you for stopping by, see you over on “The Gram”!


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