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My husband and I are high school sweet hearts. So cliche, right?! We became engaged at 25 and were married by age 26. A lot happened in my 20's for me. I scooped up a couple Master's Degrees and made a few strategic career moves. Five years after we were married, we decided to start a family. 

I started this blog when I was in fact, a First Time Mom. Our first born is a beautiful boy who has come into our lives and stolen our hearts. On my blog, I tell the tales of my experience with pregnancy and motherhood. I've detailed my experiences with mastitis, pregnancy edema, stretch marks, first birthday party planning, and so much more. 

Since starting First Thyme Mom, I have been lucky enough to become a second time mom to a sweet baby girl. When I was pregnant with my son, we knew that we were having a boy. With our daughter, we did not know she was a she until she was born. That was one of the sweetest surprises of our lives! I am sticking with First Thyme Mom as the name of my blog because I just cannot let it go. I had a lot of fun chronicling my pregnancy journey this time around, especially in the final weeks. Week 38 was my favorite


My family and I have been living with my parents for the last 16 months as we build a new home. This is another journey that I have been going into detail about here on First Thyme Mom. It has been quite the experience moving back in with my folks, one that landed me on the Ellen Show!

Our home is almost finished, and we will be able to soon move out of the childhood home that I grew up in. We are looking forward to this fresh start for our family. Living with my folks at this stage of my life has been a wonderful experience. Our son absolutely loves living with his grandparents!

In addition to pregnancy and motherhood stories, I also love writing about home decor, easy recipes, fun activities that you can do with your kids, and some of the fab finds that I have come across. I've always have had a lot to say, so my blog is simply a natural extension of that trait that I have. I thank you again for reading, hope you enjoy!


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