My Journey with Subfertility that Lead to Becoming a First Time Mom of a Sweet Little Boy

After being married for four years, my husband and I decided it was time to start our family. After trying for a month, I anxiously awaited a positive pregnancy test. But....nothing. Hmmmmm, this was a surprise to me. My whole life I was taught that pregnancy can happen pretty much by looking at another person, so I was blown away when only one line appeared on test, after test, after test. 

By month six of trying without success, I made that first doctor appointment. I was told to go home and keep on trying. By this point, we were both becoming a bit frustrated with how difficult this actually was. 

By month 11, I was crushed that almost a year had passed and we were unsuccessful in conceiving. I had been charting and using the BBT technique for months. I had had numerous blood tests conducted to check every hormone and vitamin level in by body. My husband had been checked out as well. It was inconclusive as to what could have been causing an issue for us. 

At that point, I was prescribed clomiphene (commonly called Clomid). Month one....negative. Month two...negative. Then, on month three of Clomid (month 13 of trying), we received the best news that any couple looking to start a family could have received - a positive test! I was so shocked by the sight of two lines, that I took 35 or so more tests after that leading up to our first doctor appointment. 

My doctor eventually brought up the term subfertility. So many couples go through either infertility or subfertility. Subfertile couples take much longer to become pregnant that their fertile counterparts. The best analogy that I have heard is that with subfertility, it's like you're running a marathon and you can't see the finish line. This can cause couples an endless amount of stress. 

In hindsight, we are very lucky to have only needed three cycles of Clomid. But let me tell you, when you are in the thick of that marathon, you begin to wonder what the end will look like. Will we ever be blessed with a child? How much heartache and money will be needed to have a family that we so very much wanted? 

After becoming pregnant, things went smoothly for the first several months. We found out at 22 weeks that we were having a boy. We were overjoyed! But it was all downhill for a while after that (thankfully, only downhill for ME, and not our baby). By week 34, I blew up and had pregnancy-induced edema until I delivered at 38.5 weeks. You probably haven't ever seen swelling this intense! 

After having my son, I then experience several other mind blowing ailments that I know many of you can relate to. At the time, I didn't even know these "conditions" existed. 

For starters, I had a debilitating hematoma that formed during child birth. I will save you the details (for now), but the running joke in my family was "ask me about my hematomaaaaaaaa" (apparently I loved to talk about this anomaly). Two weeks after bringing our son home from the hospital, I developed mastitis. OUCH! Then, four months postpartum, 50% of my hair fell out, and it has not returned since

And guess what? It was and is all worth it! I would take the pain of the edema, hematoma, and mastitis along with my hair loss over and over again in order to be able to expand our family once again. Becoming a mother has been the greatest adventure of my life. 

Outside of my motherhood gig, I work as a nutritionist. I have collected a few Masters Degrees along the way prior to starting our family. I am so glad that I got my schooling out of the way before having a baby - squeezing in time for papers, projects, and studying with a baby would have been a nightmare! 

I LOVE to cook. Not only is it part of my 9-5 job, but I thoroughly enjoy preparing nutritious meals for my family on a daily basis. Here on my blog, you will find many easy recipes so that you too can create delicious and nutritious meals during the week. 

Easy Recipes by First Thyme Mom. Fully loaded Greek Chicken salad with capers, kalamata olives, feta cheese, seasoned grilled chicken, avocado, tomatoes, and chick peas.

Greek Chicken Salad with Homemade Greek Vinaigrette


To add even more madness to our chaotic life as new parents, we are in the process of building a new home. We had a baby, and all of a sudden, we outgrew our house as soon as our 7 lb 3 oz bundle of joy was brought home from the hospital. THIS is why people say children are so expensive. It all makes sense now......

Thank you for reading and I hope you find some of the things I have to say helpful, sincere, fun, silly, and at times, utterly ridiculous! Being a mom is a never ending rollercoaster, and for some of us, the path to becoming a mother is a rollercoaster that we never knew we were getting on. I have been overwhelmed with the support and information that the motherhood community has provided me with when I need it, and now, I am hoping to do the same for others. 

5 Things You Should Know About ME! 

1) If I could only have one piece of decor in my entire home, it would be an arrangement of fresh flowers. 

2) My favorite book of all time, one that EVERYONE should read, is this one. I reference this book at least once per week! I have never read a more fascinating and captivating book. Although, this one is a close second. Social currency, anyone?!

3) My hair is not real. Well, it's real, but I did not grow it. All about that here! 

4) When I set my mind to something, I go FULL THROTTLE. As seen here when I was on The Ellen Show! But when I want to procrastinate, I too, can be a mastermind in this arena. 

5) My favorite thing about being a Mom is the love. I could not have possibly foreseen how special this tiny human would be to me until I was pregnant and then holding him 40 weeks later. Motherhood is everything, to me! 



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