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10 Gift Ideas For The Handy Dad

10 Gift Ideas For The Handy Dad

10 Gift Ideas For The Handy Dad or Handyman In Your LIfe. Tool gift guide. Best tool gift ideas.
The following handyman tool gift guide contains Amazon affiliate links. This means that that I receive a small commission from any sales that result from this post, at no additional cost to you. Thank you for reading!

Gift Guide For A Handyman 

Tools always make great gifts, especially if you know a handyman or dad who is looking to upgrade his collection or add to it. The following are 10 tool gift ideas for a handyman or dad (and handy moms, too!). 

1. Estwing Hammer

Estwing is a trusted and dependable brand. This sleek looking hammer is American made - they are headquartered in Rockford, IL! 

2. Bosch Cross Line Laser Level

For the utmost in laser leveling precision, this Bosch tool will do the trick! The cross lines will give you both a vertical and horizontal laser level line. 

3. Stanley FATMAX 25 Foot Tape Measure 

This is a good, durable brand in the world of tape measures.

4. Bucket Boss Tool Belt

Just a nice, standard tool belt with good pockets.

5. Nail Gun Kit With Compressor 

This tool is great for all of those small projects around the house that require a nail gun (or would at least benefit from having a nail gun on hand). 

6. DeWALT Orbital Sander 

Great for all your sanding needs. Once you have a sander, you will become a sanding machine and will come up with all different types of things that you can sand! You will be able to attach many different sandpaper grits onto this unit in order to get a different type finish for your project. 

7. Makita Lithium-Ion Cordless Drill

This drill is affordable and has a good brand behind it. The two-piece combo kit include one drill and one impact driver. The impact driver is for screwing in things, it makes a pounding or hammering noise when in action. 

8. Chili Pry Bar Set

Great for delicate prying - trim removal! 

9. The Pump Wedge - Great For Shimming! 

If you ever need to shim up something, such as windows or cabinets, this pump wedge will help you greatly to do just that! 

10. Milwaukee Sawzall Kit

You can use a sawzall for cutting just about anything. It's great for hard to reach places, and can cut wood and metal. 

There you have it! Ten great tools in different price ranges for the handy dad or man in your life. These tools are great for both the experienced handyman and a handyman-in-training. Now go on and build! 

10 Gift Ideas For The Handy Dad or Handyman In Your LIfe. Tool gift guide. Great tool gift ideas.
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