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13 Gift Ideas For Teachers And Daycare Providers

13 Gift Ideas For Teachers And Daycare Providers

13 Gift Ideas For Teachers And Daycare Providers

I know that it can be difficult to come up with a great gift idea for some of the most important people in you and your children's lives. As parents, we are appreciative for all that our teachers and daycare providers do for us and our kids, and there are often times when a gift is appropriate to give a little extra THANK YOU emphasis! 

With our daycare providers, around the holidays we will often give a cash bonus, but it is also nice to give a small gift as an added thank you. Below is my curated list of 13 great gift ideas for teachers, daycare providers, bosses, Sunday School teachers, and any other support staff that you may work with regularly in your life. 

1. The Productivity Planner

This is the only planner that you will ever need. I use this planner and it has helped greatly to organize my thoughts and day in order to get more done with the time that I have. This book would make a fabulous gift - pick one up for yourself as well! 

The premise behind this planner is to start your day with your most important task (as opposed to low-hanging fruit tasks). Once you have that hurdle cleared, then your mental clarity can be where it needs to be to succeed in the rest of your day. 

2. L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream

Have you tried this hand cream? It's divine! And think about how needed this is by your kid's teachers or daycare providers. Always washing those hands, to keep germs away or bottles and sippy cups clean. This hand cream is especially wonderful in the winter!


3. A Gorgeous Reusable Water Bottle

$18.95 $29.99

4. Hammered Bowl

Consider piling this bowl high with fresh fruit! 


5. Vera Bradley Lunch Tote

How cute are the Vera Bradley patterns?! I have one of these totes and LOVE IT! 


6. Caffeine Molecule Mug

We all might not know how to draw it, but we sure do know how important this molecule is! 

$14.96 $19.96
$18.99 $19.99

9. Hand Sanitizer Spray

Let's be honest, our kids are germy!


10. Dinner Made Simple Cook Recipe Book

This recipe book takes 35 ingredient staples and turns them into 350 easy recipes. Amazing! Imagine these 35 ingredients being your entire shopping list every week - this would make meal planning a breeze! What a great gift for anyone who eats food - which is helloooooo, all of us! 


11. The Nessie Tea Infuser

$10.95 $19.95

13. A Gorgeous Decorative Scented Candle 

Not just any candle, but a Wild Fig and Cedar Candle! Regifting is surely not in this candles future. It's just so pretty!


There you have it! These are some amazing gift ideas for the teachers and daycare providers in your life. Many of these items would also make excellent gifts for bosses or a hostess of a party as well! 

13 Gift Ideas For Teachers And Daycare Providers
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