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Best Fix For Calluses - How I Fixed My Dry Feet

Best Fix For Calluses - How I Fixed My Dry Feet

DIY Pedicure - Get That Salon Look! 

FULL DISCLOSURE! This post about DIY Pedicures contains affiliate links, which means that I get a tiny commission from foot product sales that result from this post (at no additional cost to you!) I ask you this - will you click and buy from my links before you leave this page? (insert prayer hands emoji and smiley face emoji :)

You might be wondering why on earth I am doing a post about my feet. Well, if you take a look at my "before" photos, you will see that after using this file last week, I am still mind-blown by the results. I used to think that I had to get a pedicure in order to have these results, but a quick search on Amazon for this product showed me that I can have the same effect and result at home! And now, a DIY pedicure can be in your future, too!

For the cost of a casual lunch out, I was able to scoop up this tool which has changed my feet forever. My family and friends were mind-blown as well (of course, I blasted this "before and after" photo out to all my friends and family, because THAT'S HOW I ROLL! And then they all scooped up this file because they too want a DIY Pedicure and smooth feet! 

The Family Chat

Best Fix For Calluses - How I Fixed My Dry Feet

The Friends Group Chat

Best Fix For Calluses - How I Fixed My Dry Feet

And yes, if you are wondering, I bought this fix for my Dad as well! You're welcome, Dad! After using my new favorite product, I slather this on and then put on a pair of socks. I am really starting to like socks, especially super comfy ones like these that I use for my Barre Classes. They are seriously the best! 

So, to recap, you too can have smooth feet! I use the file right after a shower. Or, after my kids take a bath, I will soak my feet for five minutes and then file away (pat your feet dry first before using the foot file). 

Sometimes, it's the simplest products that can bring about the biggest changes in a person's life. For me, one of those changes was good feet! LOL to the fact that I wrote this post, but I can't help but to share my new found foot fix! 

DIY Home Pedicure Tools and Products:

1) Vented Heel Socks, Toeless Socks

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Best Product Found For Dry Callused Feet #sponsored
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