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Breast Milk Facial - Oh Yes I Did!

Breast Milk Facial - Oh Yes I Did!

Last month, I referenced Breast Milk Facials in a post about a girls trip to Nashville that I took with some of my closest friends. Well, as it turns out, it's a real thing! Mud Facial Bar in Chicago offers a breast milk mask, which is a mixture of kaolin clay, lemon essential oil, and yep, breast milk!

I have learned that many people become squeamish around the topic of breast milk. But not moms. Never moms. And when you are a new mom, there is a surge of information in your face (no pun intended) about the wonders and healing abilities of breast milk. I was extremely curious as to what this type of facial would be like, so I made my appointment with Mud for a Wednesday evening after work.

When I walked in, I was quickly greeted by the friendly front desk staff. I filled out one page of paper work, which outlined the type of skin that I had. The atmosphere was upbeat and high energy. The store front of Mud Facial Bar was brightly colored, well lit, and inviting. I immediately liked the look and feel of this facial bar. I met Mandy, who was going to be my aesthetician for my 30 minute facial.  She was wonderful!

She took me back into a relaxing room for the facial. There was another chair in that room where a woman was also having a facial. At first I thought that it might be odd having a facial in the same room as someone else - but it was not at all! I leaned back in the chair, and Mandy began to work her magic.

She started with the carrot tomato cleanser, and then fired up the steam. The steam was glorious! I could feel my pores opening up. Then came one of my new favorite products - the scorpion scrub. This scrub smelled wonderful. After having a few more minutes of steam, it was time for the breast milk mask.

Mandy applied the mask, and then massaged it in with ice globes. I've never had ice globes during a facial, but once I got home, I looked them up to see what they were. So cool! After the globes, the steam came back on for a few more minutes. The mask was removed with warm towels, and then goddess toner was applied. The facial ended with a long face massage with dancer face oil. All of the products used are from Uptown Yogi - a line designed exclusively for Mud.

The whole experience was amazing. I chatted with the salon girls on my way out - Geena from AIR Floor Lab (which is attached to MUD) was there and helped me get into the aerial yoga hammock - I could barely sit in the thing let alone do anything close to what she could do. What a skill!

Mud is perfect for a quick facial - especially one during the week after work. They get you in and out in 30 minutes. I also love the fact that you can host a party at Mud. Birthdays, corporate events, showers, bachelorette parties - their space is perfectly set up to host these types of gatherings. Overall, my experience at Mud was A+++. I cannot wait to come back. The woman who had an appointment after me was also there for the breast milk facial - they are onto something over there at Mud!




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