Making Over a 20 Year Old Refrigerator

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The refrigerator that came with our new apartment (which is in my parents basement - yes, we live in my parents basement!) was in perfect working condition for being a 20 year old fridge. However, it LOOKED like a 20 year old fridge! We wanted to freshen up the look of this unit for our renovated space. Sure, we could have picked up a new one for around $400, but why?! This one was working just fine! 

Our fridge was perfect for a chalkboard fridge design. Plus, I thought it would be really fun to see our son coloring on this chalkboard one day. After a DEEP cleaning, my husband started by framing the fridge out with stained cedar wood. He didn't screw the wood in quite yet - I first painted it with Krylon Chalk Board paint. I applied three coats, even though I could have gotten away with two.

Framing the fridge with cedar wood

Framing a refrigerator to make a chalk board fridge.

After the front of the fridge was painted and framed, I painted the sides white. I found a stencil that I liked at the craft store for the side design, which would give a cool aesthetic and would clean up the mottled sides, which was due to the age of this appliance. There are tons of stencil designs out there to choose from! I used Rust-Oleum Metallic Pearl Mist spray paint with this stencil. This spray paint provided the perfect finish for this subtle enhancement.

How to spray paint a fridge to give it a new look.

The handle that we used is actually a gate handle from Amazon, which had a very affordable price tag. It was inexpensive and just what we needed for the look of our fridge. True kitchen hardware of this size could have cost us a lot more. It's good to know this type of hardware is available if needed though! 

 Refrigerator AFTER

Refrigerator AFTER

I must say, this refrigerator, along with all of the other basement upgrades, makes the kitchen look like a million bucks! 

BEFORE pic of our kitchen

Our kitchen BEFORE pic. We had an old refrigerator and did not know what to do with it.

AFTER photo of our DIY Chalkboard Fridge and kitchen makeover

 Kitchen AFTER, with our DIY fridge. 

Kitchen AFTER, with our DIY fridge. 

And Theo loves it! I am so glad we saved this fridge and did not opt for a new one.

DIY Chalkboard Refrigerator - Perfect for kids!

DIY Chalkboard Refrigerator. How to make an old fridge look like new!
DIY chalk board refrigerator. How to give an old fridge a makeover. This is a perfect idea for an old refrigerator.
Repurposing appliances. How to make old appliances that work well look like new again.